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50 replies
  1. Avatar
    Alisha Berrey says:

    This might not be practical for you with such a large family, but it helped me to take everything out of my pantry/fridge/freezer (excluding condiments, etc) so I could see it on the counter and planning meals with those things in particularly before I started trying to make meals out meals for things we don't have. I also started using Saturdays as a "use up leftovers for lunch day." Particularly produce. I mixed up some curry, tumeric, cumin and canned coconut milk and added it to some canned diced tomatoes, leftover broccoli, onion, garlic and ginger. It was great over rice. We don't eat meat so we didn't have anything like that to add.

  2. Avatar
    Lynn Pech Torres says:

    We do a few different dishes with cream of mushroom soup. We do a pasta with spinach, broccoli, mushrooms a d chicken add a few cans of the mushroom soup with Usually a bow tie pasta and its pretty good. Also a creamy rice with peas and crean of mushroom and its good. And tje classic tuna noodle casserole a d sometimes we will do it with chicken instead of tuna.

  3. Avatar
    susan Limpitlaw says:

    Do you make spaghetti bolognaise? Plenty of ground beef there or mince as we call it in Scotland. I use it a lot in bolognaise, lasagne and I make a spicy fried mince with peppers, paprika onions seasoning and mix it with cooked macaroni, it goes quite far and you can add anything you want to it.

  4. Avatar
    Sonya Moore says:

    I use can pumpkin with a box of spice cake mix for easy muffins. The tomato juice make some tomato soup just add can of tomato with some heavy cream and spices, also use for chili.

  5. Avatar
    Penny Burrow says:

    Well, I am hooked. I have spent this entire afternoon binge-watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family’s adventures! I get so busy watching that I forget to like!

  6. Avatar
    Leander T says:

    I'm a vegetarian but my mom used to put cream of mushroom soup in a crockpot with a little water, some spices and a pot roast. Then along side she'd roast some veggies or make potatoes.

  7. Avatar
    jenn jeffs says:

    My daughter is 9 and still has to tell me that she is going to the restroom. I told her she didn't need to tell me and to just go, but she said she just wanted me to know where she was! Lol

  8. Avatar
    BarBaRa V says:

    Congratulations…..I just saw that you won the viewer’s choice “You Tube Family Award””. Amazing!! You deserve that recognition because we all love your channel. Your dedicated viewers voted…Just proved that we are loyal and we really do watch you channel. Reminds me a little bit of David and Goliath somehow…☺️

  9. Avatar
    Ruth Pilkington says:

    You have inspired me to try this for the month of February. So far it's going really well and I'm enjoying the challenge. ☺ the family is enjoying all the homemade stuff!!! We'll have to see if they are still enthusiastic by the end of the month!!!😂

  10. Avatar
    Alicia Hupprich says:

    I ate so many avocados when I had to cut dairy while breastfeeding. I hope his symptoms clears up, if they don’t soy is usually the next culprit. 50% of babies who cannot tolerate dairy also cannot tolerate soy.

  11. Avatar
    Kamryn Nixon says:

    Tater tot casserole! Do you layer of tater tot’s on the bottom of the pan a layer of cooked ground beef layer of cream of mushroom soup, a layer of drained canned corn and another layer of tater tot’s. Yummy, quick and easy!

  12. Avatar
    Pam Mwaniki says:

    I love your grocery hauls, food preps and pantry challenges videos Sara. Am learning aloooot from them. Just to ask:Doesn't your bread go bad after some days? Here in my country it expires after about 7 days…


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