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    Jennifer Caskie says:

    I am the very, very first here. I don’t believe it. But, I am teasing so I don’t really care. When you have food scraps punch a hole in your dirt with your fingers and shove them in.

  2. Avatar
    Cindy Colston says:

    We escaped from our town without anyone noticing!😂😂😂😂😷😷 We have an infant grandson and we don’t miss any special occasions!! I cooked a Ham, Turkey Breast , twice baked mashed potatoes and green bean casserole! And dessert is a Strawberry Short Cake Trifle 😋😋 my daughter had to work today😢 Happy Easter Rhoda! 🐰🐰🐰🐣🐥🐥🐥

  3. Avatar
    Jessica Oakes says:

    Your way of making rice milk is not the correct way, the "milk" you are taking out is starch water. I have given you the right recipe several times. Why aren't you paying attention? Google it if you have to.

  4. Avatar
    Jessica Oakes says:

    It's best to start with pineapple juice then switch to water. You have to occasionally stir the mixture and add more flour and water each day. You are actually suppose to start out with a smaller amount and have it grow over time hence the adding more each day.

  5. Avatar
    Life with patti says:

    Hi Rhoda. Happy Easter. We watched our priest do mass on you tube. He set up a channel. Your so good getting dressed up nice and doing your make up. I actually got dressed but just capris and t shirt cause I went out in the yard and planted bell peppers and tomatoes. Going to plant carrots tomorrow. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup at 2:00 so we are still not hungry and it's 7:00 pm. Lol. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow (with my gloves and mask) I am out of fresh produce, milk and eggs. I haven't gone for 2 weeks. My goal after tomorrow is not to go for 3 weeks. I could still stay home and live on what we have for a couple of months but if we're still able to go to the store I'm going to take advantage of it in case some fluke thing happens and we can't go out at all. Luckily I can walk on our ranch for miles and never run into another person. Your dinner looks yummy. Take care. Be safe. Xoxo

  6. Avatar
    Ramblings of Sheri says:

    Happy Easter Ms.Rhoda I had chicken to .Ms Rhoda you may now want to get some extra meats , I am going in the next day or two and getting a few extra meat , course you can survive with out it but I like meats

  7. Avatar
    enlightenedbygrace4U says:

    I haven’t gone shopping in awhile. I really miss my raw veggies. Right now we’re down to carrots and onions😬 I miss cucumbers and green leafy lettuce. We have 8 eggs left and 1/2 a gallon of milk. My kids miss chips like there is no tomorrow 🤣I will venture out in a few days or tomorrow. Pray. I don’t t give or catch anything!🙈


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