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Guys and gals, I’ve been repeatedly called out. I’ve been told that since I’m a homesteader (mostly a ‘wannabe’ homesteader) I have GOT to have a SHTF plan, and by gee and by golly both, I owe it to my subscribers to let them know what it is. Well, here it is. Enjoy.
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31 replies
  1. Avatar
    Troy Stutsman says:

    Doomsday Sayers have been shouting to the masses that the World was coming to an end
    and you better repent now since time began…
    Guess what?
    We’re all still here and the World hasn’t come to an end yet…
    My belief is to live everyday as if it were your last even if it’s not.
    Try to be the best person that you can be.
    It doesn’t matter who or what but believe in some form of a higher Power.
    Remind though’s that you love and care about each and every day.
    Try to treat others as you would want someone to treat your Grandparents.
    Never neglect or cause harm to any person or creature that is incapable of
    protecting themselves and become the protector instead.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Have a great day and be blessed.

  2. Avatar
    Christina Walke says:

    You have the nuts down pat. So happy that you and your family are here if more people had your out look on life we would be better off. God bless you and your beautiful family. Have tried your wife's recipes my husband and I love them!!!

  3. Avatar
    bowecho says:

    i remember practising air raid drills in 1962.The air-raid siren went off at 1pm every Monday. And it did for many years afterwards when I grew up. Not sure if it still does to this day.

  4. Avatar
    wildernessshouter says:

    I plan for the worst, and hope for the best. My biggest concern is economic collapse; a great depression that makes the last one look like a speed bump, and I really believe that is possible. I don't want it; but I don't want to ignore that possibility to my own peril, I think these events you speak of have kinda numbed us. So when the real deal comes people will delay till it's to late; but even if this is the case I try not to obsess over it to much, I am confident at this point I could get by on my own skills, equipment, and experience. So if crazy happens worrying about it isn't going to stop it, but not being ready to take care of yourself and your family is neglectful.

  5. Avatar
    bobbin robin says:

    It's one thing to 'put back' for lean times but there is no way to prepare for every possible scenario. On a lighter note this is my apocolypse plan I told my daughter: " You hit Walmart, I'll hit Walgreens". I figure I'm gonna need antideressants and aspirin to cope, lol.

  6. Avatar
    June Brison says:

    A very wise man has said, "God laughed at my plans…" to which I smiled, big-time. I know I've given Him plenty to laugh at, for ALL kinds of reasons! (Brunette by birth, blonde by … everything else). But scurrying around, worrying over some iconic catastrophe, or one formed by the hands of foolish, or evil men… Isn't one of them. My philosophy of such things, is the same as yours. And… as sure as the seasons come, and go… I know my life and times are in His hands. As always, Blessings to a wise man ☺️, and his family.

  7. Avatar
    Ann Butler says:

    There is no use in trying to figure out people, there are extreme thinkers out there. I am happy Dearly will be able to have dual citizenship, a lot of people still love their birth country and just because they are wanting to be a citizen here they should not have to totally leave behind their birth/ home country. I completely agree with you, I am a couple years older than you and feel we are on the same way of thinking. I remember all the things you mentioned, never know what new beliefs will come about each year and decade.

  8. Avatar
    John DeShetler says:

    I saw The Day After in my sophomore English class, much scarier than the environmental disaster portrayed in the newer film of the similar name. A lot of younger folks probably don't know about the original Day After film. Edit: The newer movie is called The Day After Tomorrow slight difference 🙂

  9. Avatar
    antony trick shot taylor says:

    kevin those people do that because they are to far into the illuminati documentary's they put on a front to try make u share there paranoid mindset. its funny lets face it if the apocalypse did happen it would be a nuclear bomb or something bigger no weapons would help if u hunt what you will be hunting would be affected by the nuclear fallout your food would kill you. I'm shore radiation would pass throw in cans your food is stored in or the Walter u drink will be contaminated so a plan is domed to have in that aspect. but a financial collapse is more likely to happen. if that happens head to the hills and survive, keep on the move, live off the land ill never go hungry I'm always on the hunt for wild vegs and meat and live for a living your background you could whip up a bush craft home you will be sorted

  10. Avatar
    Reid Crosby says:

    Kevin, I too have a son that looks different, Vietnamese. Our other two boys are biological. I don't think about his differences either.

    I do feel as though there is prudence is a certain degree of preparation. This includes things beyond just living today like it could be our last. There is hardship ahead for us, we cannot outrun the math of our economics. This is fact. To the degree I can lessen future suffering of my wife and children, I will act in that way. Some may not see wisdom in that, I am ok with that. They are making choice as I am. As a person who had spent the better part of four years researching, learning the current world situation, we are in paradigm shift. With the rural resources you have, consider a bit more ….. preparation. Respectfully, R

  11. Avatar
    Lavern Winters says:

    I think your plan is just about the best plan one can have. I’ve never concerned myself about the end of the world rumors. When Y2K was the big fear I was raising money to send my son to March in the Rose Bowl parade on 1/1/00. No concern about the buses getting there and back, no concern that I wouldn’t see his band on the TV marching in that parade. No concern that they wouldn’t be able to get back, just happy that he had that once in a lifetime opportunity. My plan is similar though I haven’t been fortunate enough to have a homestead, I live in a small town in the Midwest and own my little mobile home and have a small garden near the house. It’s enough, grandkids down the street and others just across town maybe 3 minutes away. Although a couple more are 3 states away, so I don’t get to see them as often. Still, I live each day to the fullest and never in fear of tomorrow. Blessings to you and your lovely family.


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