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    Rox600601 says:

    Been told morphine and codeine in same family. I get extremely I'll (w/in 10-15m) when given codeine and similar synthetics. Would I be able to take wild lettuce extract or would I have similar negative reaction? Do you know of alternative pain control not in the morphine family? Thanks for all you do to help people get educated

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    Senior Survival & Preparedness says:

    I have wild lettuce. I have also stockpiled tramadol. Antibiotics, blood pressure meds, anti anxiety meds. I also have degenerative disk disease, arthritis in my upper spine. Bursitis in my right hip. I don't take anything unless I really need it. I usually can keep the pain to a minimum with Aleve. But just in case, i have some of the stronger stuff. I personally have adjusted to just living with the pain i have on the daily. I don't give into it.

  3. Avatar
    cgerath says:

    I just experienced this first hand. My Dr changed my med that i took for inflammation and arthritus. The new one made my head so foggy, I weaned myself off of it. It really made me think what I would do in a shtf situation. I have been reading the alchemy of herbs, and learning about medical applications for different things. It's amazing what works that is more compatible with the body than manufactured medications that have lots of side affects.

  4. Avatar
    Meanie Beavers says:

    I cut my meds in half and put half up for prep. I just have to take a lot of epsom salt baths and use a lot of pain creams and meditation be careful of my activity and wear all my braces frequently that protect my wobbly joints as I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome and have messed up many joints thru the years. I have enough stocked for a year at half, the amount as I have been coping on. Im going to start on year two. I don’t tell anyone that personally knows me as I’m afraid rumors would spread and my door would probably be tore down. At least I could help some if they had very severe injuries as I would forgo any meds to help another if a severe situation called for it as I’m use to pain and have learned many different ways to cope with it. I alway have a lot of tubes prescribed ointments left so I put lots up just keep everything rotated. It is possible to prepare for such things you just have to be willing to do it, as drs usually prescribe more than what is actually needed. And you truly have to believe that the need is going to come to pass as I do!

  5. Avatar
    Golden D Homestead says:

    Things I grow,forage from the woods and cultivate are…
    1. Cannabis and I have more trim than I could use now. Great for making salves for pain. We use it now and it works great. Plus if you add cayenne pepper to it it works like a heat treatment
    2. Valerian, wild lettuce, feverfew, toothache flowers, comfrey

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    Mickey McH says:

    That's something to think about. I need about 30,000 mg of Nexium per year or I will have serious abdominal pain as I bleed out. My digestive tract is very scarred from many years of ibuprofen and aspirin use.

  7. Avatar
    Carol Doles says:

    I use wild lettuce. As a tea it’s very bitter so must drink it fast follow up with a chaser of coffee. I’ve also smoked it seems to work better if smoked but I have asthma and COPD so don’t do that as often. It has properties of NSAIDS I get some relief but it does relax you. Can also put an additive in it and works better. Won’t name additive.


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