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Hey guys! I don’t even have much to say about this COVID-19 madness. I love you all, I am praying for you & we are all in this together. Let’s try and stay calm, …
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22 replies
  1. Avatar
    Rebeka Smith says:

    I am actually scared not sure what is going to happen I think Im more scared because I have an 83 year old grandpa that I’m worried will catch it?! 🥴 Im doing everything in my power to try and protect him and my family and as a mom it’s scary to have that responsibility while also trying to make sure we can eat! I haven’t tried to grocery shop yet but I am gonna do the online service tomorrow and go to pick up because I want to try to avoid any outside contact…! My husband has a job where he is in contact with many people and in lots of restaurants on a daily basis and he goes everywhere not just around our area in Ohio! So that in itself is scary too!!! He is saying we shouldn’t worry but it’s easier said than done! 🙄 I’ve been disinfecting everything sanitizing before touching anything washing hands like crazy etc etc….! I think as moms we have to just do what we do and nobody should fault you for doing things your way!!! You can’t help having to go to the store and as long as took every precaution to stay safe…! I think people are being petty and they are trying to make themselves feel better by saying things to others because they are scared too but we need to come together and not discriminate and be there for each other regardless if we live close or across the globe!!! 💜 Love you and Sydney we will get through this!!! 🤞 😍🤗

  2. Avatar
    Jenna and Jarid Rombough says:

    Mama I am feeling you!!!!! The fact that people are so fear driven and clearing everything out of stock creates some major anxiety when we have babes to care for. We are in a small rural area with only a couple grocery stores near us. Everything is cleared out!! So frustrating! Wishing you well ❤️

  3. Avatar
    Christine Greenman says:

    hi, its hard life , I feel the same way , everyone feeling worry. I have big faith in God and I pray every morning and night give me strength healthy . that right wash hand is best things to get rid of virus around . Reading devotional help your mind clam and relax listen with music and spend time with your daughter. God is strong and faithful .. Get better soon ..

  4. Avatar
    lovejoynr says:

    It is so bananas. They had to close down our Costco early today because there was a riot in there! So crazy. All the shelves here are totally empty.

    Side note – can you give any activity ideas for the kiddos? Maybe different age ranges. My eldest will be home the next two weeks and the next 5 days there is going to be rain (so cabin fever here we come).

  5. Avatar
    Pasquale Cioffi says:

    You look beautiful like never before! It's tremendous to have Sydney in the background playing worrilessly! XoXo from Italy! Here everything is great at 6 pm we all go balcony to balcony to sing songs for an hour. Love…! 😘 P.S. I heard that fasting can help in recovering and boosting that lovely thing called Immune System but you should know better than I…can it!?

  6. Avatar
    smd 1949 says:

    Your stress level is clearly high on the scale. Add to that the fact that you are unwell. Also you are subjected to "unhelpful" comments on your channel. Remind yourself that it is part of your job to blow off hurtful & judgmental comments. Those people do not matter. They are not the ones in your home & in your skin dealing with the monumental task of staying calm & rational for yourself & for Sydney. Children pick up on the vibes. If you are having difficulty in controlling your worries, fake it until you make it. That's not to minimize the toll this is taking on you. When you can manage to do so put on some makeup (although you are a natural beauty without it), brush your hair, make a cup of coffee, & make videos talking about your plans for when this is behind us. I have a personal motto. "I can do anything if it's temporary." You can too. You are a goal oriented businesswoman & you will do whatever it takes to get through this. You will make & edit videos & you will continue to take care of your delightful Sydney. Life has challenges & I don't like uncertainty either but I am wise enough to know that our lives evolve & God gives us the wherewithal to manage the tumultuous times. You are certainly not alone.

  7. Avatar
    Vanessa Clapasson says:

    I'm an italian woman, living in northern Italy. The "Red zone". Do not under estimate coronavirus. People are dying and hospitals are collapsing. We are currently isolated in our home (i have a two year old daughter). Shops, restaurants, offices are closed. We are trying not to spread coronavirus. We underestimated it and now we are the second nation more hit by the virus. Stock up on everything you can and STAY HOME. Sorry for my english 🙁
    Please take care of yourself!!

  8. Avatar
    Abby Meyers says:

    Loss of income is a major concern for a lot of families. Our schools are closed until April. In the short term groceries etc are on my mind, in the long term the financial effects. I am 100% self employed with an absolutely in-person business that cannot be done online.

  9. Avatar
    MarieLove Asbury says:

    Our Walmart closed for a little while because they were completely out of toilet paper. They finally opened and I heard there was a line at the toilet paper aisle after they got a shipment in. It's crazy!! Praying you and sweet Sidney are doing alright. I'm stocking up on nonparishables.

  10. Avatar
    Alyson Smokie says:

    I think you HAVE to be prepared for something like this…all the time. At least one week worth of food and necessities that is stretchable up to two weeks if needed. Always, always, always!!!
    I try my best to keep a little stock of easy foods like pasta, oats, caned stuff and some meats (that I do rotate through). Also candles, batteries, medicine and such. You have to be prepared for things. At least for a week until government/authorities (or whoever) decides on the situation.
    Also since preparedness is in my mind since I was a child, I usually think about plan B like escape places and stuff…. I know it might be a little out there, but I just like to think of different scenarios…like in movies and stuff)

  11. Avatar
    Amelia Johnson says:

    If you have any nose congestion, that's a cold.
    I'm in Portland and it's a disaster here, too. I went at 7 am today to get what I needed and the line was already wrapped around the store! 100% out of eggs, rice, frozen pizzas, all paper products…..
    I'll be so happy when this is over. I'm a single mom too and its definitely scary!

  12. Avatar
    Jade Bender says:

    No flintstone gummies!! Elderberry gummies instead for Sydney! And I just got me some for my 2 kids and I also got me some enchancea pills! U can take up to 6 daily w/meals. And there’s a lot of there people are recommending, like vitamin d. I almost got mine the chewable flintstones immunity with 100 vitamin c today also and my friend stopped me n said no! Like these cheap gummies don’t do crap! Just some advice n help for ya!


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