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Today on Bear Independent we’re discussing how much ammo for SHTF; This is an important topic for preppers, militia, and minuteman for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI. Ammo is a finite resource, and there is no resupply. The advice given here is the same advice we give our clients at ProsperReady.

How much ammo for SHTF is a question that plaques city prepper, urban prepper, suburban prepper, rural prepper, homesteader, militia, minuteman, and others for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI, The problem is that most people don’t understand the difference between operational loadout and stockpile. We recommend benchmarks for loadout and stockpiling ammo in this video, and recommendations on how many mags too.

How much ammo for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI is an important topic of discussion for prepper, minuteman, and militia especially in light of emp, cme, economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, state of emergency, civil war, revolution, chaos, etc. Any of these issues can become a combat situation for preppers and that begs the question of how much ammo for SHTF.

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44 replies
  1. Avatar
    Baron Adventures says:

    i agree with alot of what you said however in a shtf scenario would it not be wise to keep a little more pistol ammo preferably subsonic to supress it a little easier and ensure you dont have to worry about it as soon?

  2. Avatar
    Bill Randall says:

    I cached a brick of .22lr in each of 4 places. Ditto 100 rds of 223 and 25 rds of 9mm. if you need more than that, for 30 years, you're doing so much wrong that you have no chance whatsoever to make it. I'll be bartering 3/4 of it, without a doubt., within a few years of shtf I will mostly be braining people with the silenced, subsonic 22, at night. using night vision, passive IR scanning, concealable armor. So I wont be doing much shooting, nor missing much. Stay hidden during daylight hours for the first year of shtf, folks and you'll be at least 10x more likely to survive that long. There wont be any practicing, other than perhaps airsoft or silenced .22's. Ammo will be too precious/irreplacable and the noise will call in your killers. You can't be in fire fights. If you survive even one, it will be thru pure luck. YOu'd better kill everyone or get away in some other fashion before it turns into any sort of fight. There will be no medical care, so a wound will mean death from infection.

  3. Avatar
    zurgo 2004 says:


    Honestly though, I'd use a lever action of 45-70 government [Marlin 1894] about 500 rounds and a pistol [walther ppk] around 200 rounds…
    Not a lot of storage

  4. Avatar
    Anthony B says:

    I'm going to disagree with you and say that your primary weapon is most likely still going to be your pistol. People are not going to go Mad Max. Sure carry your rifle everywhere, but that will get old. Americans are not going to start devouring each other. Plus if you're out of the house (bunker) it's most likely to gather something. You'll be able to carry a more if you weren't also carrying a 9lbs rifle and you'll look a lot less conspicuous. I've lived through power outages after hurricanes. High stress events tend to bring people together in my experience. I'm not saying not to prep guns and ammo, just that I believe you are overestimating how much a rifle will be carried. Unless your scenario of SHTF is Red Dawn.

  5. Avatar
    North East Outrider says:

    Palmetto had a crazy sale a while back. Added 3,000 more rounds of 5.56 and 30 x 30 round mags. Added a pair of ammo cans with slots for 15 loaded 30 round 5.56 magazines. What’s your thoughts on keeping fully loaded magazines in storage for grab and go?

  6. Avatar
    William Buchanan says:

    Shit … 10,000+ rounds … That is heavy and if a person actually thinks he/she is going to live that long in a fight .. I have beach front property for sell… Actually, Silence is your friend, Noise is your enemy. Guns to Boom and attracts attention. So if you stock up, go Subsonic and learn how to build suppressor s from house hold items. Get out of the cities, go to the deep woods, learn to fish and use a bow. BECOME a Quiet Professional. … "Keep it Simple , Keep it Real"

  7. Avatar
    Nick 718 says:

    Having alot of ammo is cool until you have to carry it. People act like they're seal team 6 and going to be getting into shootouts everywhere they go. If you're that type of person you deserve to die. Unless your life is on the line you're not going to be shooting that much even if you hunt a box of 308 can get a bunch of deer.

  8. Avatar
    Charles Mcgonigle says:

    Ammo is just like fire wood just when you think you got enough think again. I've been in a lot of blizzards I've never been mad because I had too much firewood. So Ammo up and then some. SHTF blizzard is coming.

  9. Avatar
    Bill C says:

    Pretty much my stage thinking too. Though I buy pistol ammo by cases due to multiples in each caliber. A 5.56 carbine for near range defense, with a .30 caliber "AT&T" rifle for long range. Shotgun for home defense w/#1 buck and #00.
    Most civilians aren't in shape to carry the weight of 300 RDS of ammo, plus all the other necessities while on foot. Me too, as a senior citizen. Better to bug IN and prep good defense. Coordinate w/neighbors to keep home zone safe. Strive to be fair & just with others. Act not in haste or anger. Fight only when you must. Never go looking for trouble, you might find it.

  10. Avatar
    David Knox says:

    Man I know I come across as negative or disagreeing most times and I apologize. I am not an operator and I am not a professional prepper by a long shot. I just have questions. And I do have a counter point here. 1000 Rounds of 5.56 NATO weighs in at just over 30 LBS. Ask me how I know. So 10K rounds would be over 300 LBS (almost 330 LBS). If I was to get 10k for just 2 of my battle rifles I would have 660 LBS of just primary ammo. Now add pistol ammo for each of my 6 side warms…and now shotgun ammo…and now precision rifle ammo…and now add your gear…mags…food…water. How do you store all that in a "cool dry place out of direct sunlight". How do you bug out with all that? A years worth of food is 750 lbs for 1 person. My family, not including my group, is 4 people. So that's 3k LBS of food alone. Much more than a single 1/2 ton truck can carry. Just 6 months of water for 4 people is like 6k LBS. And again add food, ammo, weapons, gear, etc. I currently have a fraction of what you say we need and it's already more than 1 truck can carry. Maybe more then 2 trucks can carry. So how many trucks and or trailers do I need to stock so I can bug out with all my preps and not leave anything behind? 4? 5? Then there's extra gas storage for all those trucks. Maybe I'll just get an HD diesel with an enclosed 40' 5th wheel trailer? How well is that gonna blend in when your bugging out during SHTF? Are 40' trailers with oh I don't know 12K (plus) LBS nimble and agile in an emergency situation where road conditions and security will be questionable at best? Or do I just throw what I can in the bed of my truck and leave the rest behind? What if it's a full blown EMP and vehicles don't run but I'm forced to bug out due to local conditions? I get the need to be prepared. I really do. But I don't get how to realistically do it. P.S. I've posted this same rant to many other pages that give the same advice. In fact your advice here is pretty static with what others suggest. In Survival For Normal People's early video's he stood in front of a wall of cases of MRE's. Alaska Prepper boasts a pantry of more than 2 million calories. How do you bug out with that? They are good dudes just like you but no one has a good answer. Everyone just says you need more more more!

  11. Avatar
    Tad VanZandt says:

    Good video Bear! I like your benchmarks, but I really think handguns will still be quite important. I try and stock just as much for them. Never at the detriment of food and med stores though! Definitely depends on situation and population.

  12. Avatar
    Dan Baldwin says:

    A pellet gun is good for small game. and if you get shot with one of those, IT WILL Hurt and most likely go under the skin. Barring any cloths. 1200 ft per sec. 22 cal. with 22 cal blanks so you can put the pellets in your 22 rifle with your blank.

  13. Avatar
    The Duke says:

    If you are prepping for a true SHTF, 500 rifle rounds for a proper hunting rifle and 100 rounds for a handgun would last you 30 years. More than that would only slow you down. If your home is your bug out location(which is a terrible idea unless your home is a farm) then store as much as you want. But in a SHTF scenario, you should be avoiding gun fights like the plague, and an AR15, while an excellent all rounder weapon for the south and midwest for persons and medium game. If you live in a region where the common game is any larger than white tail dear, or more resilient(boar), then you need a bigger bullet, end of story, do not try to defend it.

    But a militia activity, you know, fighting a tyrannical government or maybe a Wolverines scenario. 1, Wolverines scenario is literally impossible for the foreseeable future. Even still. Every modern military equips level 4 body armor specifically made to protect against carbines like the AR and AKM. Forget it. Fighting the US military or any other military with equivalent small arms. You'll invite a quick death upon yourself and will do nothing for the revolution by dying there. If you think you can win, I invite you to try and beat the best sniper in Human history, who's name escapes me right now. Google him if you want. He was Finnish and served in the winter war. His career was 112 days long, and he had about 240 confirmed kills. If you think you can beat him, you shouldn't need more than 300 rounds to prove it.

    TL;DR, if you think you'll survive better with 10,000 rounds and engaging everyone who looks rough, or is wearing the uniform of your enemy in an open firefight. You'll die and accomplish little to nothing. You're better off with 500 rounds of powerful and capable ammo and sticking to the shadows of your home territory, where you know the land and have that home field advantage. And more importantly, where you can avoid a fight. Be a ghost, cause ghosts dont get shot.

  14. Avatar
    Krystal Sharp says:

    Commie California is about to make buy ammo a lot harder. Starting this July they are going to require a background check each time you purchase ammo. I think they make make it a misdemeanor to purchase ammo out of state if you’re a California resident.


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