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  1. Avatar
    Cdngardengirl says:

    AP – you're lucky your boxed mixes lasted so long in original packages. Mine didn't and had bugs hatching and off smells in 2 years. I now have recipes to make them from scratch with ingredients I've properly stored. As for stuff from China, we need to think about what we depend on that comes from there and stock up like almost all meds are made there, stationery items, cleaning supplies, etc. If their factories stay closed for much longer, we'll be feeling it soon enough.

  2. Avatar
    Chris LaValle says:

    Lol…Im a women dude. I make bread from scratch so I won't be buying anymore mixes. I have a lot of wheat so the mixes are a big waste of money. Agree with you on that. Just glad I only bought 6 cans of that mix.

  3. Avatar
    Son of Liberty says:

    The tagline in the video says how much food should I store? Simple answer, MORE!
    I cannot Envision and shtf situation where you would say to yourself, damn I store too much food. If you want to end up with more food than you think you need, you can always use that to barter for things you missed in your Preps. Also, the more you get the crap the more you can help out any larger group, such as family, your neighborhood, or even your community. Also, you might have plenty of food to get you through a year or more until you can grow crops and become self-sustaining , but do you have enough if you have two years of nuclear winter before you can grow crops?

  4. Avatar
    Jose Martinez says:

    Hello people.
    As a collapse survivor (and barely making the end meets right now) I believe I should add my experience here.
    There´s no possible way for you to store (unless you´re wealthy enough to buy a supermarket´s worth of supplies) enough. I would suggest store HEALTHY food, learn how to preserve what you can raise and grow, and some sweets that you won´t be able to buy post collapse. Your immune system is going to be subject to stress attack. Processed foods seems to not be good enough for this.
    The collapse me and my family had to go through was too prolonged, and our supplies depleted, forcing us to use savings to bug out to another country where living conditions are much different.
    That´s why I would say rely on self-sustainability, rather than supplies storage.

  5. Avatar
    TheRickie41 says:

    With that new virus coming up we are able to see, as we were for the crisis in Venezuela, what happens to the supermarkets and he markets in general during such events, empty!! This is why we prep! PS I've built up my short term and longterm storage at the same time, like one for now, some more for later. That works out fine for me, still going! Thank you again for a great video!!!Stay safe everyone!!

  6. Avatar
    Northwoods Cheryl says:

    I always miss the broadcasts because I work 2nd shift, weekends included. I am all alone in the prepping thing but I managed to save for 9 people for a year. If the garden does decently this year (Too much rain last year) it will take a major edge off the supplies during the season the garden produces. Plus I do a lot of canning and dehydrating as well. Planted the farm ponds in wild rice, and had an AWESOME crop of that this fall.

  7. Avatar
    Michael Tomaszewski says:

    One of the things in my food preps that I have is a lucky fish. Toss it in some hot water and there ya go, you have your iron. Haven't seen this in other video's, just tossing the idea out there. The lucky fish never expiree either!

  8. Avatar
    Bear River Mama says:

    I just wanted to drop a little tidbit that I do. I try and store as much of my food storage items (dry goods like beans,rice,wheat…) as possible in vac sealed mason jars. Why? Because it's an easy way to have lots of canning jars on hand for a long term grid-down situation without loosing storage space.if we lost the ability to go to a store for supplies we would have to can our home grown foods for the year. That takes a lot of jars! Jars take up a lot of space, why not store them full. Plus they are air tight, moisture proof, pest proof, and its very easy yo calculate your supply because of the uniform measurement. I know it's a lot of extra work and that jars are breakable, but your life could depend on a good supply of jars. In the event of an event these jars could be emptied into buckets,bags, and whatever to free up jars for canning in a hurry.


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