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  1. Avatar
    Scott Lewis says:

    Greetings from Missouri.
    It really depends on what your doing like me I would probably be inside 99% of the time in a grid down situation where you would more than likely only eat maybe 2 times a day if you have a bugout location than 3000 calories min a day being outside and moving around a lot. Just my thoughts. God bless.

  2. Avatar
    Zane Cater says:

    I have 10 buckets of Mylar sealed rice, just bought 30 more 5 gallon buckets, and 30 more Mylar bags and O2 absorbers, 350 lbs of dent corn, just ordered 350 lbs of hard red wheat. Going to get Salt, sugar, spaghetti noodles, elbow macoroni, black beans, pintos, ect

  3. Avatar
    J T says:

    That body of water to your left looked beautiful! Pretty drive. You are so right about giving real thought to what & how much to store. Everyone should consider 2 years of food storage, to account for a poor crop season or two. Good job. Stay safe & God bless.

  4. Avatar
    Wayne G says:

    As much food as you can. We're living in SHTF right now. Been topping off everything and adding comfort foods. About to hit the organic market and top off on long lasting vegetables and fruit like potatoes, winter squash, apples etc.

  5. Avatar
    Jack pine Savage says:

    I'm thankful to my father for teaching me how to catch fish and clean them. I'm thankful to my grandfather for teaching me how to hunt deer and squirrels and rabbits and pheasants and partridges and field dress them. I'm thankful to my mother for teaching me how to grow vegetables. I have lots of canning jars and lids. If I have to live like people did around here a hundred years ago, I'm ready.

  6. Avatar
    Captain Vanaroo says:

    Dry goods and canned goods are safer then freezer food supply’s unless you have a back up generator and there useless if the power goes out of an extended period of time if your on the grid like most people are unless it happens to be winter.
    People can live a long time with minimal or no food possibly 4 to 6 weeks water is way more critical I would say 2 months worth of food for emergency is fine for living in a city within that time FEMA would probably get around to rescue most people and maybe put them in a super dome were they got robbed and rapped like during hurricane Katrina to keep them Safe.
    Rual people living on a more proper farm or homestead setting go 6 months as long as you can hunt fish trap grow a garden gather bluebarrys etc.


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