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  1. Avatar
    fallenangelwi25 says:

    I'm praying I come across someone who has a large pressure canner and some jars that is getting rid of them!!! We need a canner badly. We all drink a bunch of water but can't afford the big filters. We tried Brita and it didn't work

  2. Avatar
    3 Eagle Apiary - Jennifer Walles says:

    I was excited to look into the grain mill attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer. I learned that I can't use this attachment on my mixer because it is only 325 watts. I can't swing the price for the Wonder Mill right now. Does anyone have any other tried and true options for grinding wheat berries?

  3. Avatar
    Kim Critchfield says:

    I’m in California on a self imposed isolation vacation! And was harvesting all morning. Then I packaged up 10 care packages to take to shut in friends and elderly. As I was quietly picking listening to the birds, and the fwap fwap of my flag in the wind, I was struck by how much I’ve learned from ALL my You Tube homesteaders. I’m ready for this challenge!! You’ve taught me well! And please, if you can, speed up postings so I don’t have to watch Hallmark movies! 😂. God Bless you!

  4. Avatar
    EcoCentric Homestead says:

    Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be killed by lightning than encounter botulism.
    You are equally likely to encounter botulism in store bought canned food as home canned.
    That being said, safety precautions are wise.

  5. Avatar
    mary allen says:

    Great video – much more helpful than how to think stuff. I have just been watching Bobblehead and he was saying how much you have helped him with food and, even though it's none of my business, I wanted to thank you. Being a christian is a wonderful thing at times. I feel he is holding up under a lot of health pressure and doing a wonderful job of staying positive with what he has. A great example. This seems to be a time when we will see extraordinary divisions in humanity that we are not normally aware of. Of how people think and re-act. A quiet time that hopefully will show us some wisdom in our lives. Anyway, today here in my part of Oz it's a glorious sunny day so I am going outside to enjoy it. Tchau.

  6. Avatar
    Brenda Irving says:

    Some really great advice for sure guy's… And i hope once this all calms down and runs it course people heed the warning and get better prepared because i'm sure it's not the last time LCE will happen Bless you !! Stay safe and healthy

  7. Avatar
    Beth Hanson says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful, well done video… I'll be sure to share it! This is great advise! God bless you all at your farm, and your surrounding family members. 🙏🥰💞👍💗


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