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47 replies
  1. Avatar
    Tumbleweed says:

    Why does the video ASSUME the water will still be working? It WON'T be if there's no power. Now you can do another video explaining how to do all these things WITHOUT water which you'd use only for drinking!

  2. Avatar
    roy hoco says:

    when not in use why not set the bucket outside on the back porch or deck to help with the possible odors and keep a bag of lime handy to cover the mess with , that also helps control odors. if unable to dispose of the waste right away I would use a storage tote with a lid to store the bags outside until I could properly dispose of them.

  3. Avatar
    roy hoco says:

    if the infrastructure is down a lot of your neighbors may result to this type of waste disposal and back yard burying and if that is the case it won't be very long until you a entirely crappy neighborhood. wink.

  4. Avatar
    roy hoco says:

    if you have a metal container and some kerosene you can burn the waste to dispose of it. a large stainless container like you would deep fry a turkey in would be perfect for burning the waste.

  5. Avatar
    brat46 says:

    Not sure if this will help anyone (and that this video is a couple of years old already) but when we had an outhouse up north, we added Rid X, the kind that you use for septic tanks. If someone had to do their #2 business we would add 1/8 of a cup down the hole.

  6. Avatar
    Worried About America says:

    Carlos, I am your neighbor. Please let me know how you are doing in stockpiling for SHTF and specifically if you are stockpiling (even one) any weapons and whether you are a good shot. Thanks. City prepper: it is called humanure when you set up human waste to decompose long-term. Thanks for the video.

  7. Avatar
    Joadstar DeeLuvsYa says:

    Why can't you use your septic tank that's already there add these toilets and then add certain hoses to it…plus a few other cheap things (no I don't remember) because this process eventually gives you natural gas by breaking down the waste

  8. Avatar
    John Walsh says:

    What will you do when the sewage is down? I'll take a dump on John McCains grave…hopefully Jane Fonda will be next to his. Then there's always AOC, Tlaib, Omar or Maxine Waters with their mouths open

  9. Avatar
    Sharon Armitage says:

    Just found you and would like to say thank you for your advice and help. I am in Oz and we have virtually nothing here for any prepping .EVERYTHING in US is cheaper than here and we don't even have the products you have. I know prepping is hard but it's way harder here cause everything has to come from US. I just bought a Harvest Right freezer dryer from Utah and the bloody Oz government charged me an extra $855.21 in a tax just to get it into the country. Anyway just wanted to say thank you to you. Also check out Canadian Prepper. He's great too. Get lots of advice and help from him. He tries out different things and evaluates them and tells us what is good etc. Can't get that in Australia. Thank you to the Americans who prep and share their knowledge on Utube for the world to see.

  10. Avatar
    Amie Doggett says:

    Can you explain further about using a septic tank for disposal in case there is no water to flush with? What are the do's and don't's of what you can put down in the septic? I noticed you mention kitty litter for this situation, but I imagine you don't want that in your septic. Can you explain a bit on this?

  11. Avatar
    Bruce Gilder says:

    I read in a post apocalypse novella, but I forget the name of it, that one way to deal with urine is to dig a hole fill it with crushed aluminum cans with a pipe running down to the cans. Urinate in the pipe and it goes to the aluminum cans and reacts with those somehow to prevent the spread of disease. Not quite sure how it works. You might want to check into military procedures. Emetic wants told me that there was regulations on how close latrines could be to food water and living quarters.

  12. Avatar
    ROSE MAXX says:

    great job showing how to dispose of poop, but you may want to show washing hands after with bottle of water instead of a running faucet, bc if the faucet is running, you could have used your toilet and then simply flushed

  13. Avatar
    irishgal says:

    Pine pellets for horse stalls works perfectly! Put a cupful in the bottom of the bucket, line the bucket with 2 bags. The bottom one remains and the top one is changed out as needed. Once the bags are in place add another cup of pellets. Each time the toilet is used add a cup of pellets. Never let the bucket get more than half full. Pull out the inner bag and dispose of it. Having two bags keeps the bucket clean and also makes removing the waste bag easier. Put in a new bag, add pellets and you are set. Sanitary disposal is crucial. I use this method when camping to avoid leaving the tent during the night.

  14. Avatar
    Oakspar Oakspar says:

    If you have sufficient water, most tank toilets will continue to work. Manually refilling the tank is all you need. The only time this is not the case is if you are on public sewer and the line depends on a pump. If not, you want to clog your toilets to keep them from backing up into your home (mud, concrete, plaster, etc).

    Bucket toilets are generally not as nice as bedside toilets (common in elder care and medical supplies). You can also build your own. Yes, you will be using a ton of 5 gallon buckets, 13 gallon kitchen bags, and your fill material if needed. If you have enough people, you will fill that bucket often enough to not need much cover material. You will want a lot of medical/chemical gloves.

    If you are someplace dry/hot then desiccation is a great option as well. A hot parking lot in the sun will evaporate a lot of urine and so long as the poop is completely dried, it becomes rather sterile.

  15. Avatar
    Ducky Man says:

    Despite the decrying of what the general population is like, Americans actually have quite an industry around prepping.
    I think those lugable loos are like $100 for shipping to get over here. Shipping from Yanksville is always very pricy.

  16. Avatar
    Gary Lee says:

    Urine is sterile, piss in the backyard dig a hole crap in the hole throw some lime in cover with enough soil n go from there.
    You showed turning water on in the sink, if that works you need not do this.


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