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    Oldtimer Lee says:

    Good advice for short term water purification. However, we stopped storing liquid chlorine bleach for the long haul. Simply we don't use enough on a routine basis to keep a backup supply rotated. Also, I want bleach to be as near full strength, as possible, when using to disinfect water because there's no way to know how much adjustment to make to make in the usage formula to counter less strength. 

    Quote: The active ingredient in bleach, sodium hypochlorite, naturally breaks down into salt and water. The rate of breakdown increases rapidly when bleach is stored in extreme hot or freezing temperatures, or when a bottle is more than one year old. Generally, bleach stored at room temperature (~70°F) has a shelf life of one year, but after that point it should be replaced.

    For the long haul we've chosen chlorine based water purification tablets as a backup to Sawyer filtration, SODIS, and boiling. Dry chlorine storage for the long haul is another option. Many use pool shock & make their own liquid chlorine, as needed. Much info on the net, if interested in this option. Just note cautions, as this is caustic.

  2. Avatar
    Ben Churchill says:

    Don't take this as an insult but in reality bacteria and other types of foreign disease may involve and become immune to common day solutions like vaccines. Giardia and Cryptosporidium are evolving to withstand very high levels of heat even above 300 degrees one of the only ways you can successfully rig water of these types of foreign infections diseases etc is to pressure cook or to pressure heat the water in a contained area providing that the heat does not escape and the metal container surrounding it will absorb the maximum amount of heat displaced this ensures that all harmful bacteria will not be able to protect themselves and will sufficiently eradicate them. Bleach would simply not do it there will come a day when the majority of vaccines will be useless for many types of harmful bacteria and viruses it's a fact. In fact many vaccines have different ingredients added to them for this reason no one vaccine stays the same not to mention the fact that everyone is different and the amount is needed in different people stay safe and remember you should not use bleach is purification methods for water unless it is an absolute need and you have no other option which is of course of very rare occurrence take care

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    stclairstclair says:

    I would like to add bleach to my dehumidifier water for plants, as it is nearly clean of dissolved solids as RO water, but there is a chance of bacteria from the dehumidifier and tank,
    How long do you let the water sit before the bleach has dissipated to drink or use, i will be adjusting the water pH for my plants.

  4. Avatar
    1Klooch says:

    Granny, thanks for posting. Love your bunker! If I treat 5 gallons in a clean airtight plastic container, store away from light at average temp of 80 F, about how often do I need to re-treat?

  5. Avatar
    momsgreenhouse says:

    I noticed lately at the stores that many bleaches are super concentrated, extra strength, etc. I also noticed that your jugs in this video are labeled 33% more concentrate. Everybody please note that the recommended drops shown here are for REGULAR strength bleach. Please research any other types of concentrates as to how much to use.

  6. Avatar
    CT says:

    U can't use any bleach that have 4 to 6 sodium for storge water? I try to buy plain clorox bleach, but they all said is 4 to 6 sodium on the label! Do they even sell plain clorox bleach?

  7. Avatar
    Khum you Jung says:

    Hi Maam alaskagranny what is your instagram account??

    I need your advice maam about a bleach and water , that is okay to drink water with have a bleach ? They clean bacteria in our body ? I need your reply please.😳..


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