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28 replies
  1. Avatar
    b_-|-_d says:

    What type of batteries do you use to power your vocal chords and motor skills? Pretentious set up = not confident therefore why should we believe you???

  2. Avatar
    b_-|-_d says:

    My God.. Canned product FIFO? Do you know what the shelf life of canned food typically is? Come on, use your damn head. I mean OK, fresh eggs FIFO, milk PERISHABLES yea great great but canned??? You're an idiot. Blind leading the blind once again!

  3. Avatar
    b_-|-_d says:

    Well said. Restaurant + canned goods (To THIS extent) == Mediocre at best. Consider growing your own seasonal variety of ingredients or prcuring a supplier with the means to acquire fresher ingredients.


    The fact you are advertising mediocrity en masse tells me/WE that you're satisfied with a shite menu and reputation. Right? Yea.

  4. Avatar
    haansgruber says:

    Food rotation makes sense, whether it's fresh or canned goods. Many times restaurants and on cruise ships and the like canned goods are used. Good organizational skills are difficult to come by these days.

    peace 🙂

  5. Avatar
    b_-|-_d says:

    Yea to a dummy like you it makes sense. Canned foods have a very long expiry date, for a cruise ship especially. The product will get used so what is the point on canned product? Had you have had a half a brain you'd understand my point… duh.

  6. Avatar
    haansgruber says:

    Shelf life is not the sole consideration. Space, storage, transportation and the like are all considerations. I suggest you look at the travel channel to see how their refuse is stored, and what those items are. Many of them are cans. Calling other people names obviously makes you feel better about your own inadequacies. Duh.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    peace 🙂

  7. Avatar
    Stareming says:

    If you start reading thins you CANT stop .Once ther was a little girl named Cecilia.She was a little 7 year old who got strangled and raped by a man =.If you dont post this to 15 other videos you will see CCecilia standing at the end of your bed with a knife and she will kill you
    You have to do this by midnight or you will be dead

  8. Avatar
    buckstarchaser says:

    Working as a chef I'm sure you noticed what was on that wrack of cans. This is a buffet restaraunt. The white clothing is a uniform not something that states definitively that this place is mentioned in the star rating system.

  9. Avatar
    fstwrtr says:

    wow what happens when you run into a convert, you know, A catholic that used to be Mormon.. and who are you calling an idiot? I'm not the one judging beauty based on a fucking religion

  10. Avatar
    etherealone says:

    i was born and raised catholic and no where did our church recommend a three year supply of food storage. you don't know what your talking about. aside from all "christian" based religions that do fall into that whole fire and brimstone belief, Latter Day Saints and Mormons having food storage is a part of everyday life.

  11. Avatar
    etherealone says:

    Catholics do not find ANY other religion disgusting. They actually do practice a certain amount of tolerance. I am no longer considered a catholic but aside from a little too much guilt mongering, we were never taught to find mormons or any other religious people disgusting. In fact, Catholics practices inter-faith grouping. Any mormon I have ever met has been kind and gracious. You are a poor lowly soul of a creature.

  12. Avatar
    donze52 says:

    very nice video, informative
    God knows they don't teach it as schools.
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    cop proof pocket knife

    cutting tool without breaking laws.

  13. Avatar
    silver760 says:

    This is just common sense,are modern people so devoid of thought so as not to do this already?? I do with everything I buy,I live ruraly and have to buy alot at one time to avoid too many trips,the newer purchases always go at the back,be it food,medicine,bog rolls,etc.This is so the older products get used first.

  14. Avatar
    Jeff Schneider says:

    I like the video and I believe in what you are dong. I believe in the possibility of an economic collapse.
    Add to that possibility the fact that bio fuel production will be driving up the price of food things could get really bad, Have you seen this:

    It offers an alternative solution for people who watch your videos. If you would like to talk about it please call me 810 955 1860.



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