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  1. Avatar
    Beth Grant-DeRoos says:

    For those who cannot afford the Rubbermaid totes, our local nursery and a local landscaper gave a friend of mine these awesome BIG pots that shrubs come in and some of the bigger wooden 'boxes' sapling trees come in, which she uses for her awesome container garden.

  2. Avatar
    Kathy GARBEŔ says:

    Tessie , I'm so ready to plant something ! It's warm but nothing in the sky but rain ! Guess it will come in due time , the sun that is😁! And this may be God's way of making me slow my roll !😂 The Lord knows me so well…Be blessed!💗💗💖💖

  3. Avatar
    IRENE K says:

    Tessie, what kind of soil do u need for container gardening? i would like to try it but i dont know what to grow that would be easy & grow on southwest corner of deck in Colorado? is horse manure good for gardening or just for grass & flowers? Is compost good for plants?

  4. Avatar
    Lady Wytch says:

    I'll be putting my plants outside next month. I grow a decent little garden in containers, tomatoes, lettuces, peppers and cucumbers. Plus herbs for cooking and teas. I'm hoping to get a few container-friendly berry bushes this year, as well. My porch may not be as colorful as everyone else's with all their flowers, but it keeps me happy and fed😁. No one can really tell it's all vegetables unless they really look. Even the maintenance guys chuckle with what I have going on out on the porch, lol. Thanks for sharing those blocks. Definitely an easier option than wrestling with big bags!

  5. Avatar
    Karen Redding says:

    Good evening Tessie! I'm sharing your video with my husband because he doesn't want to grow somethings I wanted to grow. He has built 10 large container gardens, and he's still building more. And if he doesn't let me plant some things I want to add to the gardens I'm going to buy me some totes, and soil. I have some mint in my flower garden, but it wasn't peppermint, so today I bought some peppermint. The reason I bought peppermint was because last week my tonsils were swollen and hurting, lasted 5 days, but as I sipped on Peppermint tea I bought from the Dollar Tree my tonsils and slight wheezing and coughing would stop for a long while. We have honeybees, and I was adding a little honey too. Have you ever grown sweet potatoes? I'm wanting to plant some, but I don't know how to. I love sweet potatoes, I even like sweet potato fries. I'm learning so much from you. This is a important time of year for me to watch gardening. We are supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow. I'll be getting outside early to get some gardening done. Maybe the sunshine will help my arthritis, I do feel better in the summertime. Have a blessed day. 🙏❤💕

  6. Avatar
    Pamela Kelly says:

    Hello Tessie! What a great idea using totes as planters! I love creating "theme" planters for my flowers. I have a fairy garden and have already planted some sweet pea flower seeds there. This year I hope to create a planter with a dinosaur theme. I am also hoping to grow moon flowers, heliotrope, and Angel's Trumpet in containers and a passionflower vine too. Passionflowers are so beautiful and their blooms are symbolic of the Passion of Christ. Thanks for another great video. Take care & God bless!

  7. Avatar
    Kimberly Tabor says:

    I'm so jealous….still too cold in Colorado to think about starting my outdoor planter barrels, but I love knowing I wont be far behind Tessie. Spring is coming…our local ospreys have returned and a Elk was drinking at our pond spring this morning….snow will be melting. Yippee

  8. Avatar
    Jomama 02 says:

    I'm trying my own hanging baskets this year. I have all the baskets from previous years so I bought a bunch of flower seeds. Don't know what half the flowers are but they looked pretty on the package and I planted the seeds! They just took off! In three days they sprouted and were about a inch tall. When they get larger and the weather is warmer I will transplant them to my baskets! I cant wait to see what I get!

  9. Avatar
    Barbara Peterson says:

    Thanks Tessie, BTW YOU DO Not live far from me; I am doing a lot of doctoring in my life right now unexpectantly; I was diagnosed with Atypical Hyperplasia first biopsy came back precancerous and I had my first appt with the Oncology breast surgeon on April 1st, they called me this week and said it was canceled because of what is going on in the world. However, they wanted me to go get a breast MRI and I am very clastrophobic (spelled wrong) anywho my PCP and the Oncology Nurse said even if I went to get the MRI they would want to do another biopsy anyway. SO it looks like I have to go for another biopsy and that is ok because I know they would not know anything if the FATHER GOD did not give them the knowledge to help here on HIS EARTH. ALL I KNOW IS I HAVE CAST ALL OF IT IN THE FATHER'S THRONE ROOM AND HE IS IN CONTROL. NOT SURE WHEN EVERYTHING IS GOING TO TAKE PLACE NOW, WHEN WE WALK THROUGH THE FIRE IT TEACHES US SUCH LESSONS AND PATIENCE…GOD BLESS btw sharing to my fb page for others to enjoy your videos and your beautiful SPIRIT

  10. Avatar
    Owen says:

    Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) I wish you all a wonderful blessed Wednesday filled with Gods joy and happiness:) God Bless you! Love you all:) Remember to pray for one another and all affected in these difficult times:) Keep Smiling:)

  11. Avatar
    Lynn Gibson says:

    Thanks Tessie for posting your garden videos!! I'm a gardener too, I love propagating my own indoor plants all year round and in the Spring and Summer my husband and I are always out in our flower and herb garden. I can't wait to try growing a veggie garden in totes!! ❤😊


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