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What are the benefits of preppers owning dogs? Are German Shepherds the best prepping dogs? OH AND!!!!WE GOT A NEW DOG, and its a SUPERDOG!

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37 replies
  1. Avatar
    Dill Rogerz says:

    How much of a challenge is it to keep your home from becoming COVERED in dog hair? I hear german shepherds are HORRIBLE when it comes to shedding. It is one of the main factors that is keeping me from more seriously considering that breed of dog.

  2. Avatar
    Robert Mill says:

    OK. forget all the prepper stuff for the moment. Glad Marshall is showing no ill effects from his accident. Baxter will keep Marshall on his toes. It didn't take long for the two to accept each other. The pup will bond with any dog, but Marshall is truly an exceptional dog to bond that quickly and patiently. Bravo big guy, and little guy too.

  3. Avatar
    Aitherious says:

    Word to the wise – ditch those tennis balls – they can cause dental problems because of the fiber coating and are also a possible choking hazard for strong chewers.

  4. Avatar
    Anaruz Anir says:

    A dog is not another mouth to feed if you feed them what you would have thrown away or could not eat anyways (pretty much a 1/4 of the animal) , that's how our relationship with dogs always been. They are rather a net benefit.

  5. Avatar
    Barone B says:

    Anyone that follows this guy needs serious mental help…!!!! This dude got it figured out … he prepped himself to con all you paranoid, insecure, lemmings that armageddon may come…
    All you people need to seriously reevaluate ur lives…..

  6. Avatar
    Road Dog says:

    FYI, let your dogs win with the tug toys, but don't let them prance around with the sleeve because the sleeve becomes the reward. Have the helper were a right & left sleeve. With the dog on the sleeve, have the helper drop it so the dog reengages on the helper. You can also hand the sleeve back to the helper & do this a couple of times. The helper is the toy. This will prevent the dog from leaving an adversary in the event is rips offs a jacket or some clothing & walking away because it thinks it has just won the prize. Prancing with sleeve is okay for Schutzhund work, but not okay for home defense. Sláinte

  7. Avatar
    Cross Soldier says:

    Baxter and Marshall connected real fast and real well. They already have a great relationship and that relationship will continue to grow stronger and stronger. That was so precious when Baxter was chasing Marshall and Marshall playing along just like a great Big Brother would, just Awesome and Awesome Video !!!

  8. Avatar
    Lynne Perg says:

    Marshall is a good protector. Note how he lays down, (a non threatening posture,) to reassure Baxter that he's playing. They'll be fine until Baxter is old enough to challenge for dominance.

  9. Avatar
    The Fire Dragon says:

    I would be curious to see you do a video with your thoughts on how much food a prepper should stock for dogs. My biggest concern with having one (or two) is the feasibility of having enough food around for them and me, especially with Canadian winters.

  10. Avatar
    milehighed5280 says:

    Looks like Marshall and Baxter will be a formidable duo. Congrats, CP!

    I've owned several dogs for most of my life, from an Alaskan Malmute (a real powerhouse) to a Chihuahua (my wife's dog) who has gravitated to me as his primary choice (master).

    My favorite dog was a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. He had the best of both worlds. Extremely smart, protective, friendly (to all those we knew), and strong/very athletic. A real guy's dog, for sure. He was my favorite followed by our pure bred GS we had when I was a kid.

    I can't imagine life without having a dog or two. Truly man's best friend. They won't let you down, similar in a way to my Glocks, CZ's, and Benelli.

    I do want another GS at some point. They are great dogs for all the reasons CP outlined. Great video, CP.

    Nice to see your young man come along to bring Baxter home. Enjoy all your boys every day, as time flys by so fast. Prep on!!!

  11. Avatar
    Bill Randall says:

    unless you're going to EAT that dog, you dont want a big one. They cost too much to feed. You also dont want one that barks. Looters can hear that for half a mile, at the least and THEIR dogs can hear it for a mile. You want one that's trained to come and GET you if he detects trouble, and does so sneakily and quietly.

  12. Avatar
    sub dawg says:

    well I totally agree with dogs and prepping , hunting and alarm more than attack dogs, or guard dogs.. I have always had hunting dogs, they are protective non the less .. as far as feeding mine (as dogs for thousands of years) eat what I do (minus some foods that are poisonous to k9). A very important part of this is our mag makes sure all our dogs are socialized both with each other , and other mag members … Awesome views well done …


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