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    J T says:

    This is frightening!  Do you think our gov't will ever stop their game playing and bickering long enough to educate the public, or are they afraid we'll panic and clear the shelves within 24 hours?  Of course, almost 50% of the people don't believe anything the current administration says.  Carry that thought out to your own conclusion.  Blessings.

  2. Avatar
    SharShar says:

    Yesterday I sent my daughter information by e-mail on grand solar minimums. I will be calling her soon to see if she is receptive or if she thinks I am nuts. I hope she listens because if she doesn't want to prep, she and her family will be a drain on the preps I have because I will not see her and my grandchildren starve. Here's hoping….

  3. Avatar
    J T says:

    * Grain (250 lbs.)-wheat/flour/rice/oats/pasta/cornmeal/etc.                 
    * Beans/legumes (62 lbs.)-dry beans, lima, peas. split peas, lentils, dry soup mix, etc.
    * Potato Flakes (22 Lbs.)
    * Vegetables-Dehydrated (8 Lbs.)* Onion-Dehydrated (2 Lbs.)
    * Apple Slices or other dry fruit (5 Lbs.)
    * Powdered Milk (49 lbs.)-powdered, nonfat dry, or Evaporated (6 cans=1Lb.)
    * Sugar (70 lbs.)-granulated, brown, powdered, molasses, honey, jams, preserves, jellies, corn Syrup,
       fruit Drink (powdered), flavored gelatin* Salt (8 lbs.)
    * Baking Soda (1 Lb.)* Baking Powder (4 Lbs.)
    * Other-spices, Cream of Tarter, yeast, corn starch, vanilla, cocoa
    * Vitamin C (90mg)-for 365 days
    * Oil-Extra Virgin-(2 1/2 gallons)
    * Vegetable Oil (2 gal.)
    * Shortening (3 Lbs.)

    Oil substitutes-Peanut butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing (mayonnaise type)
    NOTE: 4 gallons = 24 lbs. Oil
    The following measurements may help:
    1-quart Mayo = 1 1/2 lbs. Oil
    1-quart Salad Dressing = 1 lb. Oil
    1 lb. Peanut Butter = 1/2 lb. Oil

  4. Avatar
    Gibsongirl says:

    Absolutely fabulous video AP! Very simple, well rounded, and thorough especially giving reference for further research. I asked adapt 2030 about the overall degree difference for the earth and he said -2 from our norm globally. My reasoning was preparations as I am already a life long New Englander. I am old enough to know how to prep for that. I am not speaking of global effects in food, nor natural disasters, just my own preps for gardening and weather. His info really helped me understand what I will face and I can figure out the prep needed for my life. We indeed can thrive well in the Grande solar minimum. I am sure I will bc I have what it takes and with prepping added now..we will be fine! My simple opinion is education, knowledge, preps, skills..and most importantly faith will ensure my family and I will be fine! I have no fear! We are all in the right place at this time in my opinion. Ty for sharing and caring enough to share with others!! ( P.s. I love the rambling or babbling lol. You tend to just chat with us which is nice! ) You are a good man sir! God Bless!

  5. Avatar
    Jamie T says:

    If everybody prepped like we did there would already be a food shortage lol. On a serious note, just remember that anytime there's a shortage of something once it hits the shelves its normally hoarded by people who are afraid it will happen again. A perfect example in my area was certain calibers of ammo a while back. People were in line at every store around here waiting on the trucks to come and to see if any ammo came in. it took over 2 years before you could just casually walk in and purchase a box of 22 LR shells. So just imagine if it was food that was the commodity. If people went without for several months it wouldn't be safe to be within a mile of a grocery store once the food started coming back in for years. I'll just sit tight and nibble on my rice. Great video brother!

  6. Avatar
    rebecca hamman says:

    I chose to reinsulate my while downstairs instead of buying more food this week.if nothing else my Electric bill will shrink until I can get wind/solar hybrid system hooked putting plastic,sheet insulation,&then roll insulation.its white a lot of work but I think it's better in here already

  7. Avatar
    Sunny Belisle says:

    You just keep on "BLABBING," AP!! It's OK with me…and besides, what you "blab" about is valuable information and needed encouragement for people to 'get on the band wagon' and PREP!!! 😀 Thank you. ( )

  8. Avatar
    Claybelt Homesteader says:

    My son has been saying this for a few years as well. He and his family are Preppers along side the rest of our family. This just sends chills down my spine no pun intended. I was just going over my resources and preps and know I am ahead of the game but not far enough. Not only food but secondary heat sources, warm clothing, blankets, footwear, and ways of dealing with harsh weathers are a must with what is coming our way.  God speed.

  9. Avatar
    Junk Man says:

    Thanks for bringing the awareness to the community but don’t over gramdize it. Do you cycles happen on an 11 and 23 year basis and it been going on for as long as we’ve been around them before. I’ll tell you what does solar minimum rolling means it means her that I’m not going to get the DX contacts that I was hoping to get on my HF rig on a ham radio.

  10. Avatar
    Caroline Kuo says:

    Actually I think it is possible to use the stolen and hidden Tesla science though it wasn’t just Tesla’s at all… to create a sun and all the energy and food needed. Perhaps even it already exists. Just that a few want to take the opportunity to take everything for themselves. All the pieces are there. Gigantic seed vaults plasma research fusion research we already have maglev trains. Well not in USA but the tech is from Russia and EU has it Japan even China but not allowed in US

  11. Avatar
    K J says:

    They don't tell us about it bc it would 1, contradict what they've told us for decades about a coming global warming; 2, it will cause a panic.

  12. Avatar
    carolineleiden says:

    Food will be very expensive, so stock up your pantry with rice and beans and canned meats, and learn to grow veggies indoors. Oh, and coffee! If the last war taught us anything, it's that you need coffee! Lots and lots of coffee!

  13. Avatar
    Susan Appleby says:

    It would be in the leaders best interest to save as many as they can considering we are paying the bills. Who will feed them once we are gone? They should atleast be getting someone else to do it fo them. If crops fail no one eats other then the people who have stockpiled pasta and water. Thats what I am doing anyway. I am also leaning how to fast.

  14. Avatar
    F A says:

    I'm pretty sure you're confused about your theory on the sun. Sun spots don't protect the earth from cosmic rays. Absence of sun spots doesn't effect the sun's ability to warm the earth. Sorry but someone is misleading you big time.

  15. Avatar
    TopHat says:

    Thanks for the information. I've been prepping for 7 years, but see the need to turn it up even more. So much to get done. There are such few people in tune to what is going on.

  16. Avatar
    Max Rockatanksy says:

    Quick recipe:

    500 grams beef mince
    3/4 cup rice
    1 x egg lightly beaten
    2 x 400 gram (or closest to) Tomato soup
    2 x tablespoons plain flour
    Salt, pepper, spices to taste

    Mix dry goods together, place egg & mince in, mix all together. Roll into balls & place into greased pot/ oven dish. Cover. Cook for 40-50 mins, turning once. We call them Porcupines.

    These can be made with freeze dried products also- you may need to up the flavour though.

  17. Avatar
    Dectera says:

    This was incredibly eye opening WOW thank you for your hard work!. I have been working towards making my family prepared but its a big struggle when your other half things your bonkers for doing it. This makes me want to go to the store now but where to put things =( .

  18. Avatar
    Shrimp58 says:

    I know this is an older video but I also tell people to not take my word for it but to do their own research and they wont. It seems to me that people are happy to simply be fed whatever the mainstream media is feeding them. My belief is to question everything and to test the spirits. I dont know if it would be considered inappropriate to say this on your channel AP but if anyone believes in God pray to Him and He will show you the truth.

  19. Avatar
    Jennifer Kim says:

    Sad thing is. They are barely prepared. The only ones prepared are the very high ups. My husband…who is in the military said they have no preps what-so-ever that he knows of. They are doing nuclear drills but nothing to prepare for something like this! Even their grid is on the public grid. So if our grid goes down…so does the military bases. That's a scary thought. I've noticed seeds are going up in prices. So I'm hoping that I get more seeds from my crops this year.

  20. Avatar
    Jennifer Kim says:

    I keep forgetting but I need to make some pemmican and hardtack. I've decided if I get tired of beans and rice. I can always switch back and forth to pemmican, foragables, hardtack and then back to beans and rice. If I get to tired. I can go a day or two of not eating. I'm sure my mind and tummy will appreciate the basics all over again (when the cans run out or we have to leave the area because it's unsafe)! haha

  21. Avatar
    flor de sakura says:

    We need food for at least 3 years storages. Again all this things are in catholic prophecy, but other bad things are going to continue to happen and food will be scarce for 3 years

  22. Avatar
    Catherine Watson says:

    "AP", she is off in her timing. The shortages have already begun on a small scale, I personally expect food prices too double by 2024 and massive famine by 2028! I have reserching this for 5 yr's from many sources. Weather flooding heat anomalies, and massive cold!

    Once the changes happen and get to a certain point, it will go over the edge and the cold weather will be drastic, much quicker than they figure.

  23. Avatar
    Melody Clark says:

    This was a surprise as I am not good with spreadsheet tasks. But all said it looks like I am coming along well.
    I've focused on rice, beans of all kinds, and grains. It's the fillers, butter, spices and condiments. They all seemed to be nonessential till recently. Now I can start to incorporate those. I learn so much from your channel. I am somewhat in awe of your ability to retain all this information, and put it forth to others clearly and compassionately. In other words, I never feel dumbed down. Thanks AP.


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