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Installation of a new 5000 gallon poly water tank at the ranch.
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    Mycoblue says:

    Thanks for posting this video. Im on a 5 acre farm in Moab Utah and Im getting ready to install a 5000 gal tank to supplement my irrigation system and you have given me some great ideas about the install. In my case I will be using a booster pump off the tank for the sprinkler system, but found your video very helpful, thanks again.

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    L Levitt says:

    Have you been happy with your wireless monitor and would you share its capabilities or shortcomings?

    We’re deploying systems now for urban rooftop water tanks but looking for new applications. Our system can sense level/temperature/flow/gases and send to a mobile app and web dashboard with graphs and text/email alarms. There is also the possibility of remotely controlling things at the tank. The system is bidirectional. These urban systems are battery operates plug and play and use cellular connection. Are these storage tanks usually beyond cellular coverage? We have other wireless options that could be more point to point and several miles.

    Any guidance about what is needed in the real world of storage tanks and how we might solve real problems would be great. You can reach us at

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    3in1Supadiverta says:

    Very well done. This is probably the most intelligently designed system that I have seen on You Tube. The only thing I would add is a shield at the very top of the sight tube and also have some split poly pipe around the straight length of sight tube to prohibit algae growth. Turn the 'split' to the back when not in use. You only need a small split opening and have a small brightly coloured plastic floater (ball) in the sight tube for quick ID.


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