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    Shari Bell says:

    We will be fine. Every city with deaths had 5G rollout. The radiation brought down the people's immune system so this flu killed the weaker people. They want the pandemic bonds paid out to them. Imports from China have already started back up. Politicians are using this to get funding by calling emergency for federal funding since Trump won over funding sanctuary areas. It all is about money. Now politicians will be after funding for aid projects so that money with be donated back through money laundering like Clinton did to Haiti.

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    Mary Streckel says:

    I know you dont take your dogs to the vet . I do only when their sick we are lucky our vet tells us the only shots they need is rabies. That any vet that tells us they need more just wants our money .

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    Mz. Dee says:

    Hey 👋🏽 Prep 1 I’m watching the replay you’re such an amazing person 💥💥you’re mods as well 💥💥 Loving the shirt 👍🏽👍🏽 hopefully Heather & your son & family is well. Keep bringing that great information, take care see ya next livestream 💕💕

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    rajivaksha dasa says:

    were ONE FAMILY(and i mean every last one of the 7.5 billioin humyns on this gross sphere. no more hatred no more xenophobia no more racism replace all that with LOVE approach ALL people with FRIENDSHIP ACCEPTANCE AND RESPECT. if 7.5 billion humyns did this the NWO or satanic occultist "illuminati" crap ALONG with gun restrictions/confiscations, i know and am friends with many gay lesbian transgender folks of all heritage. ive got friends who are "good ole boys or "hillbillys". i get on superb with leftists/socialists just as well as bible thumpin conservatives. i am personally extremely (fot myself AND only myself) not down with guns. BUT im for unrestrictted ownership and carry be it a BB gun or a M-60 or a 50 cal sniper rifle. ive been vegan(and im as hardcoe vegan as they come) BUT i dont talk about it much less preach it(and to deflate the common negativity and the party-line slurr about (skinny vegan pussys) 1) because its so ignotant the speaker would be embarassed and shamed if he/she knew one godamn thing ab out veganism. and though i aint pacxkin a 44. on my hip ive been training 4 days/wk for 3-4 hrs a clip in Kung Fu for 25+ yrs and this "vegan pussy with no gun"(but a very high ranking of a black belt" (and i aint skinny and sick= ive got abour 40+lbs too much and it shows as i have (and been told countless times which aint ever said for my benefit BUT to make me feel low) AND im an expert in disarming an aggressor with a gun and i have them disatmed thrown onto their back leaving them windless AND i am 100% pro-gun-from a 22. pistol ro an AR-15 with a clip packed full of holl0w point slugs and i believe 100000% any citizen has the right(and my blessing) to own and open carry ANY gun(handgun, "assault rifle", 50cal sniper rifle and whatever the f*kk firearm they want. im not a leftist/socialist nor am i a bible thumpin ultra conservative. im a pasty pale irish cat BUT ive got hugely thick dreadlocks and they creep way down my back. im a super grateful supporter of ALL our Military man and womyn and both the fire department AND EMT's i consider DIVINE creatures on earth to do GOOD and thas what they do. i NEVER EVER hear a fireman/womyn OR an EMT do anything bad even in the pettiest irrelevant sense. COPS and FEDS= i hate them and when i read a cop or a CIA/FBI/ATF "agent" got smoked i mourn NOT. to me its karma in action cause in my line of work(supporting/counseling DD people, Psychitricly afflicted, and have worked in many homeless centers/shelers or missioins etc AND have heard 900,000,000,000 stories each year of their untethered violence(be it a savage beatdown to a FACT and a verifiable one YET it continues and the guilty never get charged less punished AND im talking about cops(pigs-cowards-whatever) shooting dead young unarmed non-aggressive aftikan american males. news channels wont touch it. the cold blooded 1st degree murderers NEVER see a courtroom. im about lving everyone-not "comparing myself" and being biased or against be it gay, transgender, muslims(who had nothing to do with 9/11 and 19yrs later NOBOBY has a valid excjuse and get no pass for not knowing this). heres a fact which most will dismiss, deny, put up a invalid idiotic arguement that wouldnt hold one drop of water AND it is this= we are ALL one family. all 7.54 billion humyns alive on this gross abscessed sphere. brothers(and sisters)from differant mothers. and the uber-ultra-trilliionares(real espectable admirable familys like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds along with billionaires(who are piss poor to Rockefeller Rothschild and psuedo-"royal" familys YET is a black hearted soulless psyopath who puts in time effort and recources to further the NWO-total suveilance slave state AND im certain hes "helped"(in the way Lucifers minions "help" punish torment and ensure an agonizing dysphotic dystopian atmosphere in HELL. so he is allowed to be an errand bitch but he dont eat at the Rothschilds dinner table.
    we've all heard "divide and conquor" and the endless hate disgust regard for many types of people as "sick" or "inferior" and the one im so tired of hearing that my dedication and essense as a vegan who embraces and lives "ahimsa"(complere non-violence) a pseudo-chrristian hycocrite spewing INCORRECT HATEFUL GARBAGE about gay/trans people or this person and they LOUD and PROUD type teach preach at every opportunity any faith or religion other than their "born again" cult(they dont even know the correct namew of the "son of man" and it AINT "jesus" its YASHUAH.) as a full-blooded irish american brought up in the catholic church(which at 15yr/old i ABANDONED and have been a devout and pracricing Gaudiya-Vaisnava(which some would tag as "hindu" BUT is a faith/tradition fom the ancient Vedic days(which in volumous texts and 30,000-300,000yrs old IS THE OLDEST "RELIGION" that is both known, practiced, and preserved. and as an irishman by blood, DNA, and my familys identity im "built or wired or gauranteed" to hav a melencholic brooding heart which is broken often AND the catholic trip indoctrinates GUILT(which as a paddy mick im destined to deal with without the catholic church. also the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of "priests aka fathers" guilty of serial child molestation AND myself ancd my Guru(or spiritual master) believe and adocate that ANYONE who raises even a finger to a child should or MUST be hung to death in the town square and left swingin for a good week or two. and if we stopped playing into the (i despise this term but ill use it) "elites"(more like bacteria born and live under maggot feces) STOPPED with the imbecelic empty-headed biases and disdain for any and all NOT just like themselves and thus "in their comfort zone" a posse/cabal of trillionaire familys who are ALL very inbred and seemingly are "psychopaths'(which is 180degrees differant than a perrson suffering PSYCHOSIS be it part of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder) AND SAW-ACCEPTED AND PRACTICED THE MOST OBVIOUS AND IRREFUTABLE TRUTH AND FACT that every last humyn(and saw faith culture homeland ethnicity sexual orientation(including transgendered folks) was either a brother or sister and-im embarassed and ashamed to even need to say this stuff- WE ARE ALL ONE FAMILY AND EVERY HUMYN HAS EQUAL WORTH THEIR BELIEFS CULTURES SIZE/SHAPE/COLOR OF S,KIN ETC-ET AL-AD-FUKKIN-INFINITUM and self-deluded sense of both superiority and righteousness was replaced by acceptance friendship "a helping hand extended" and i could go on for a long godam time but i think ive made what isnt "MY POINT" but shown humanity is ONE FAMILY. exclusion fear discrimination violence ETC is str8 up hotsedung.
    i know what of i speak cause i live it. i talk to-befriend-show genuine interest and respect-and accepance with everyone i encounter= a waiting room, on the bus, in line at the grocery store, at work, and my friend base inclusedes muslims, gay/lesbian/trans mentally ill, every race and ethnicity you can name. and though im 100% straight i visit my gay blood brother in San Francisco often and hit a sh*tload of gay clubs dances activities ETC and by association i know a whole shipload of gay men/transgender folks and hatemongers bracde yer provincial ignoramus hater selves cause i got super-tight friends from every inch on this sphere AND my many many gay friends and associates are TOP OF THE CHART in acceptance friendship extended and genuine. also this "sector of society" are in the mode of goodness aid to humanity aFRIENDSHIP AND INEREST AND AFFECTION/LOVE FOR all they meet(except for gangs of homophobes(almost all of whom are closeted repressed homosexuals who somehow validate their hate and violence(done cowardly as in 10-15 swarm-beating one person). the bio-engineered coronavirus type evil, our total surveillance world and the NWO where those not culled out are slaves with no rights watched from784756 angles on every centimeter of this abscessed sepsis oozing sphere. 7.5 billion family members ALL respected accepted valued shown interesr and friendship everywhere would end ALL the bullsh*t in 3 seconds. divide and conquour is a tactic as old as time and its wotking like magic for the globalist NWO not"elites". put this post in yer pipe and smoke it. then drop the nursery school hatred division "im right and all others are wrong" and unlearn what you "know" cause guess what? all youve learned and all you know is WRONG. youve been bambozled lied to about everything and though after like 800,000-800,000,000yrs of being a bitch and a hater SHAME ON YOU FOR BUYING INTO IT HGOOK-LINE-SINKER IN 2020.

  5. Avatar

    From what I have learned is that through out history we have had plagues, and a lot more. One may not he religious but the bible is pretty accurate on what was, and..what maybe.

    Putting that aside for now, we do through phases to which the unthinkable is released on mankind., like the release anthrax due to permafrost.

    Now here we are, man 8s reminded just how weak he really is..

    An enemy that has no moral value, is indiscriminate in who it kills or let's live to only re-infect.

    This enemies knows no boarders, and doesn't care who you are.

    In every pandemic who have those for some reason who are carriers and do not show any signs of illness, why are those people not getting sick? What makes them special?

    And then we have those who take advantage of the situation.
    Selling fake products and all that junk.
    Some will even push oh this food or drink will help.

    Look, I get it Nutrition is important but one must take a look at the enemy.

    This virus can kill, and now it's in California or already was in California.

    And man some of the conspiracy theories.

    I understand what is coming make no mistake. I understand the risks and about mitigating those risks..

    But as a prepper I am going to keep my cool, avoid places of where people meet, going to the pharmacy, I will use the drive through.. and wash my hands.

    I will do all I can do..but most of all, I have got to make sure my son is protected.

    And Ed, on other thing.

    I honestly believe this virus will mutate and will become a super virus on that can survive hot weather. I think it can go dormant and resurface and become immune to therapies.

    I think we have not seen what this is fully capable of.

    I hope and pray I be wrong, but 8f this is state one of what I think maybe coming..

    My idea, prep for the worse case scenario, we must be wise, yet we must not fear, we must remember those who died and who are dying and those who are dead, they are human beings

    Man is now faced with an enemy that is a threat to all of us.

    This virus is designed in a way that we have yet to see it's TRUE potential.

    Oh and in one case, I see a Japanese woman , who once was infected let go after giving the all clear..only to re emerge with the that is of interesting design..No, man could not have created is to it nature, call it an agent of evil, but this little darling is…full of suprises…hmm..super virus, better than a bullet virus…or will it become a Bullet Virus?

    Maybe this virus came from the way we are treating our planet..maybe it is just as simple as.

    Natural Culling of the species.
    I don't know..I honestly don't know.

    But it is nothing to be messed with.

    Oh and one other thing, some one, any one could use this as a weapon…can you imagine one person with this virus entering in to a police station?

    Or social security office..or worse yet going to A place where we have dams for electrical power?
    Right now my mind is racing yet, it is a possibility…

    ED, your a nurse, from the military.

    I was taught a long time ago from my grandpa, never say it won't happen because it will.

    He was a fix 8t person in the military. .from wwII, he also said…sometimes things have to run their coarse all you can do 8s stay out of its way.

  6. Avatar

    It's in Oregon now. Given that our nearest Oregon bridge is. 10 Mike's from here, given the fact we have a second bridge out on I 5, I will have to say its here in Washington..only a matter of time. Taking all precaution.

    Limiting contact, especially.. will use cards for paying bills.. and such. Just waiting for schools to be shut down.

  7. Avatar
    Simple Prepper Lady says:

    All I know is every where I’ve checked locally, pharmacies, Walmart’s, Dollar General,, all masks are wiped off the shelves! I’m almost wondering if there been told to be remove them so people don’t get them all, My husband works for a Hardware and Lumber yard a lady came in and bought every one of the masks they had .. and the back stock , over $500.00 worth!! She said she was sending them to her relatives in China,…..somethings up. I couldn’t find 1.. I bought lots of Tylenol’s aspirin ibuprofen vitamin c. NyQuil hand sanitizers antibacterial soap.

  8. Avatar
    SnowFlake84 says:

    Today I went to a store to get something and same time I checked if there was still masks on the shelfs, there wasnt any. I took a short video of it too. Didn't remember to check if there still was some swimming goggles.Usually that shelf was full of masks. Hand sanitize was full. Goin to get some more of it soon.


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