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    MDCreekmore - Prepper Gear Lab says:

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    jake rogers says:

    I don't think that prepping is dead but it sure is getting there. I work in customer's homes every day. In the past two years i have noticed that most folks have either stopped prepping or have slowed way down. The real man has declined in population to the point that it is sickening. I also see more and more people going to the liberal side wanting a free handout. I live in rural NC and its getting sad so i couldn't imagine what it is like in bigger citys. I for one am not slowing down anytime soon. And BTW your website is a great resource so please dont ever stop posting there!

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    Wulfshead Swordsmiths says:

    Speaking from an UK perspective I'd have to say that prepping is far from in decline.
    Brexit fears are causing a few ill informed folk to jump into the ethos, the same people that thought prepping was crazy only 2 years ago lol.
    The people that have been prepping for years have naturally gravitated into communities of people who seem to feel something in the wind other than Brexit.
    I do notice the prepping scene we are part of has not shrunk over the years, it's got bigger if the truth be told and not swelled by clucking Brexit worriers !
    We have civil unrest and I think people have seen the peoples fears about idiotic government diktat for the reason to be prepared, and so they put their faith in themselves and those awakened folk rather than the 'nothing to see here' government.

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    George Anderson says:

    I'm a big fan of your website and your videos. I don't think prepping is dead, I agree with other commenters that the prepping TV shows did more harm than good by portraying people who prepare for emergencies as fringe eccentrics. My preparedness library is stocked with great books by some very rational and level headed folks who, in conjunction with websites and channels like yours, give great advice on living a prepared lifestyle. Personally I started seriously preparing in 2014 and I've now hit many of my prepping goals thanks to folks like you. I now actively use my pressure canner, rotate my pantry, go on the air with my ham radio, go to the range with my firearms and refresh my first aid skills annually because of setting goals such as the ones you suggest. When I see the increasing volume of natural disasters that hit parts of North America more and more I am surprised that everyone isn't getting more prepared.

    As an aside, which may cause some conflict here, many of us up here in Canada are surprised more people didn't get into prepping in the US after Trump got elected. It seems from our vantage point that the level of social unrest, polarization and division has risen in your country since 2016 and increased emergency preparedness would be prudent. But that's just me with our crazy "socialist" ideas like free universal healthcare. ( I admit though that I buy more preparedness items from than due to the fewer taxes you all pay and I pick the items up in pro-Trump North Dakota 🙂

    Keep it up and thanks for sparking this debate.

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    mtower235 says:

    I prep for lots of things that will always be around like weather, enemies and real life. Preparedness is to be done when it’s good not when it’s bad. Ya don’t wait to build the ark when it starts raining.
    It’s not a fad it’s a way of life.

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    Metacomet says:

    I did not forget about prepping by a long shot after Trump was elected. I started staying away because it had gotten very politically charged with politics I do not agree with. I think Trump's tariffs right now are causing prices to shoot up, so I am not confident in our situation with Trump being in office by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not a Democrat or Republican, I'm an Independent with political views that are all over the map. I see disaster coming just as clearly now as ever. But this Trump is God stuff is really turning me away. I'm very sorry, I do appreciate your efforts on this, but the political crap is too much. God bless.

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    CherokeeProud says:

    People have been lulled into a false sense of security since Trump was elected, no doubt about that. For those people, prepping may very well be dead. For myself, it’s not. Our debt will become unsustainable, that’s given. We are marching towards socialism whether we like it or not. It’s no longer a question of if it will happen, but when will it happen. At 47 I didn’t think I would see it in my lifetime. Sadly though I will. My advice to anyone is to keep your head down, keep your ears open and keep preparing for what is too come. It’s not as far off as we think.

  8. Avatar

    I think that the "PREPPER" t.v.

    WHICH give people the opportunities to INDULGE in the SAFE cheap thrill of enjoying the "zombie apocalypse" fantasy,without ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING IT!
    Are ENTERTAINMENT VENUES that,in a rush to CASH IN ON the trend, ovetsaturated the market.

    THEY quite unexpectedly, caused the decline in interest!


    REAL preparation is a different animal!

    Most people,won't prepare "FOR REAL" because THEY are in denial and they KNOW,that bad things WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO THEM.

    These sheeple are conditioned to believe
    That certain GOVERNMENT AGENCIES,will take care of them,which isn't true!

    Most people are lazy,stupid sheep.

    The information is out there,the training and equipment ARE AVAILABLE..

    MOST people, REFUSE to accept the possibilities of the potential negative outcomes, that ACCOMPANY THE "ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE"!

    IT'S too hard and it scares them too much.

    The small groups THAT REALLY DO KNOW,DON'T TALK,we don't have to!

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    Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad says:

    The national debt is peanuts…..look at the bottom of The Debt Clock website. The Unfunded Liabilities category is $160 Trillion. Every taxpayer today owes the Treasury of The United States,$1,200,409.00 and counting:( Have you written your million+ check to the government yet?
    How many people think that they could ever repay that debt?? You’re an idiot if you thought “yes”. Time for a little Civil War to Cleanse, and Restore the Republic:))

  10. Avatar
    Jim's Survival says:

    Your exactly right we can never let our guard down. Prepping should never stop because this country can go to hell in a hen basket in the blink of an eye. Look at the mess Venezuela is in now because of a crooked government. It once was a very rich country. Thanks for sharing and stay safe my friend.

  11. Avatar
    Cindy Wisdom says:

    Actually, with Trump in office, it's worse!!! DEEP STATE are pulling out ALL stops. President Trump is on our side but the war on us is serious. Prep the best you can.

  12. Avatar
    David M says:

    anyone who preps… prepared!!! Anyone who doesn't, has no chance. I'd rather prep and have a chance, than not… than be a sheep and just roll over. Crazy to not prep something. If not in our time, our children's


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