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A walk around the farm!
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  1. Avatar
    Foxglove883 says:

    Love the song Jack 🙂 Made me smil, His a sweet Heart. I have radish/lettuce now popping up 🙂 Got potatoes,beans and Brussels in now. I love it makes me smile 🙂 Trapped 2 mice now, sorry mice our needs are more. Got to pop into work, 2 mins let the dogs loose and then come home. Then i can work some more clearing space for more veg 🙂 Looks like we have another 3/4 days of sunshine happy days. I was going to get another water Butt, But centers are closed. Glad Cabin Fever hasn't set in yet lol been to busy. You take care and Every one else out there.

  2. Avatar
    Tex Girl says:

    🐔🐓🐔🐓…..the gateway drug…😂 That cracked me up, I’m still waiting on the 🐖 pigs!!! Lol. You’ve guys have done a lot with your property, hard work pays off!

  3. Avatar
    Brendahere says:

    Awww Jack, you brighten my day with your song! Root cellar, Green house would be on my list too. I'd also love to add more than one type of heating and maybe a bit of alternative energy if possible. The only thing to do with extra is to bless someone else with it. Just like Jack adding to your wood pile. Its what you do, to help a neighbor , family and friends. Blessings

  4. Avatar
    Joyce B says:

    Thanks for the ditty Jack lol! Loved the mini tour. You have done a lot hard work….it is fab! Can't wait to get started in my garden this keeps calling me😁🤣 Thanks for sharing🤩

  5. Avatar
    Barbara Hogan says:

    As you know I look forward to you gardening every year. Really liked the tour. Mr Jack might be blessed you with the wood. I can tell you in my opinion. You blessed him with a good friendship. Besides you helping him. A lot as well . You put a big oh smile on his face. You are good people. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🦋


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