Bite B Gone | Bug Bite Treatment & Relief

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INSTANT ITCH RELIEF only takes a few seconds to relieve itch from mosquito, spider, bee, wasp, or bug bite.

PREVENTS INFECTIONS by using our proven formula to eradicate poisons, toxins, and bad bacteria.

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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

It should be every prepper's #1 priority & vital concern! The $20 Solution!

Prepper Burn Treatment

ION: Burn Treatment is an effective pain killer and disinfectant. It is a non-toxic formula of stabilized oxygen molecules in a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfate with glycerin. It works effectively on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns.

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    Andrew Montoya says:

    thanks for this, didn’t know till ur grocery store vid that ‘purified’ was a scam. been disciplining myself to spend the lil bit xtra n stop buying that nestle bs. been on my crystal geyser & evian shit. seen vids like this b4 but they were by ppl tryna sell sm so it’s nice to see one from some1 w no agenda I can trust. vid was promoting one of those expensive electrolysis machines (kangen water, apparently purest water on earth) which I did the math and it’s twice as much to buy bottles for rest of ur life than to get one $4,000 machine to alkalize ur tap water. problem w that you’ve enlightened me to is it ain’t naturally alkaline, just purifying poison. whatchu think ab machines like that tho? I’m torn. crazy how our food, showers, shampoo, deodorant, to our very water, all out to drain us of our essence. currently in the process of detoxing from all this and scouring for more natural products, but it can be hard and expensive to find the right ones, which is why I appreciate ppl like u sharing which specific products u personally use. hopefully as the collective awakens more the demand for healthier products will go up, and companies will try to meet that demand by conforming to it. I have hope.


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