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    Rosanna says:

    I'm in Washington State and we are up to 1,996 cases and 96 deaths. They're bringing in the national guard, we have a stay at home rule on now, only hospitals workers, gas stations and grocery stores are on limited hours. rv stay safe 🙏 you are so right this is getting bigger and scary..

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    * Kipper says:

    Lucky, I have been watching pretty much all your videos since this all kicked off. I've learned some things and then remembered some things from military training. Thank you for posting your knowledge and wisdom. Most of all your good sense of humor! You've made me laugh a few times out loud. When I'm doing my chores on the farm and I laugh out loud because of something you've said I've startled the chickens lol. On more times than not you dont even mean to be funny. And that's what makes it sincere. I pray for your safety and health Lucky! Keep the videos coming if you can!!!!

  3. Avatar
    RAY RAY says:

    The gov knows that when people run out of food and money, they will reach for the guns. That is why they are giving away a thousand dollars to each sheep. They are trying to delay the inevitable . The gov knows what is going to happen. The worlds economies are going to collapse . They will implement a one world currency of some sort. Each person will have some sort of identifier to trade – buy and sell goods and possibly travel. The identifier may also indicate that person has been vaccinated. You either know what that means or you don’t. What has begun, is the end.

  4. Avatar
    Mrs. Lou Lou Hernández says:

    Well he must of did something and I don’t think it has anything to do with the virus 🦠 going around. I’m sure it was already preplanned to raid this guy or else people would get wind of it and throw a fit.

  5. Avatar
    rv lucky says:

    My friend said he was a prepper it got raided he has a bunch of illegal firearms and devices according to my friend that might have been the main reason he was rated but my friend is not taking any chances


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