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47 replies
  1. Avatar
    Coden11 says:

    You are so encouraging. I appreciate you @fullspectrumsurvival. Your sense of urgency minus the pessimism, aggressiveness and close mindedness of some other prepper channels is so needed. Thank you.

  2. Avatar
    Anthony Dio says:

    Something might happen or not. Hope it doesn't but as a friend told me as a little kid " It's better to be safe than sorry." I'm going to be ready regardless in case something does jump off.

  3. Avatar
    james fox says:

    In reference to Walmart he clearly states it is a PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT they cane make whatever rules they want about open carry in their stores. You have the right to keep and bear arms, but you don't have the right to come in my house and tell me how to run things.

  4. Avatar
    Jared Lariscey says:

    Joe Biden wrote the patriot act years before 911 in preparation for what was to come, this government is ran by wallstreet thy don't care about the constitution we have no rights if they say you dont.

  5. Avatar
    Klay Kerr says:

    IMO this is about population control! Things will get bad in the US… You must be able to survive the initial onslaught! People don’t realize that once the trucks stop running and the stores are empty and no running water, Within just a few months there will be millions of lives lost..

  6. Avatar
    Ds Chott says:

    nutrient dense food. some plant corn with beans at their base, and squash for shade, around the base of the corn. Add as you can diff crops, root crops, many in the winter so you can grow year round depending on how severe your winters are. Learn which crops you can leave in the ground and cover with straw or hay to help insulate and dig as you are ready to eat, or when you have to run.
    Think about this: I have pain, so what grows naturally that can treat and possible cure that type of pain, ie inflammatory etc. Research it and start looking for plants/trees for pain mitigation in your area. Same for every ailment you can think of. Also, think of the civil war and how they treated things and research newer treatments that are natural so you can find those living things, learn to recognize and harvest, prepare and preserve for when needed. Don't just look in nih, but also how different tribes, and pilgrims, and pioneers healed/treated issues. Also, check the mormans data base as they have one of the biggest prepping stores and If I remember correctly, certain day/s per month that non Mormons can buy from their store, and I think they have a few stores in different states, been a long time since I researched that. They also had a book out quite some time ago on preparing for emergencies.
    Remember, our govt back in the days of free and roaming Indian tribes were our govts first example of agenda 21. Never forget that they butchered standing and grazing buffalo in their fields and left everything but the hides for their own lust, and in an effort to destroy the tribes. And now, they are doing it again, but this time they don't seem to care what color we are unless they are trying to perpetrate hate in hopes of a first shot fired so they can speed up their newest agenda…….2030. Don't wake up another morning unprepared. It will be to your own peril.
    The best to you all.
    Thanks Brad and Kelley for another informative and impassioned video. You and yours stay safe

  7. Avatar
    hogman61mike says:


  8. Avatar
    Nojo says:

    Two enlisted active milatary were armed at the E lPaso shooting and they ran from the scene because they couldn't protect themself from the AK. Look at the country concert at vegas. Guns YES. Military weapons NO. Another church shooting today. When will it end? When we start killing our child? They can't even go to school. PTSD for kids

  9. Avatar
    U.P. dan says:

    "Prepared " is not waiting for the criminals to shape the future, but helping shape that future ourselves. Another central bank has said gold will have to be the foundation of a financial system after world economy collapse. All who wish to shape should be buying gold. Building their garden, water supply, shelter. Think a return to Sheriff and Township law rather than continuing the criminal Federal and State system that has bankrupted America.

  10. Avatar
    JT Waters says:

    As I have noticed that the vet's come home and are given a mental disorder of some kind .. with the new red flag law that was inactive would affect every vet in America .. they say that the vet's would stand up and fight if the government or any other group comes upon us yet with that new law whomever deems our vet's incompetent they would just come and take our gun's .. not to mention that Trump announced that if you are diagnosed with depression you can be rounded up and put in a asylum .. this issue will affect every American and every life ..

  11. Avatar
    IK UK says:

    Silver colloidal water is a must have. Easy to make yourself but you'll need a pure silver 999% source and pure medical grade filtered water. So buy these now. I made the machine using 3x 9 volt batteries and a couple of resistors, a capacitor and an led bulb

  12. Avatar
    SomethingSmall says:

    In Australia the traitors in blue are 'strip searching' people, adults AND children, as they get off trains, they have sniffer dogs in shopping centres, and NO whistle blower protections. There is currently a tax agent whistle-blower facing life in prison for exposing the crimes of the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Australia is a fascist state where everyone in an 'official' position in court, including the magistrate, swears an oath to the defendant's accuser! Australians are outraged at what's going on but nothing changes. If only Australians were brave enough to stand up against this criminal, terrorist gang they call 'government'.

  13. Avatar
    Barbara Eccleston says:

    Getting rid of medical dependence is a key to prepping most people don't mention. Being as healthy as possible is important! For anyone reading this with diabetes, I strongly suggest you listen to Dr. Jason Fung here on YouTube.


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