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    Carl Bohrer says:

    I would take a small bar of soap, like the type you get in a motel, cut it in half lengthwize, and wrap the 2 pieces side-by-side tightly in cling wrap. A little soap goes a long way in a pinch.

  2. Avatar
    Sans Handlebars says:

    First thing accessible in your kit should be a 2qt or appropriately sized Ziploc bag. Not only does this double as a water container, but if you needed something from the bottom of your kit, or needed to use the container to boil water, you have another container for the contents of your kit. I'd add a sewing kit, small magnet, and a section of hacksaw blade.

  3. Avatar
    Tom Colins says:

    Thumbs up. Great concept. Although it's not for me, only because I want my canteen full with water. So many items I would have stored elsewhere.

    For example – the multitool I would have on my belt, the folding knife actually in my pocket.

    I tend not to have flash lights, even though I recognise how useful and powerful they are. I tend to ONLY use head torches. I have one really good quality head torch on my belt, with a mini head torch in my miscellaneous kit.

    Enjoy your videos and content. Respect from England.

  4. Avatar
    zB Matt says:

    If you can, I’d say take out that small flashlight and put in one of the ones that can attach to your hat as a headlamp. Most times when your using a light, you are wanting to do something. So may as well make it so that you can use both hands instead of one.


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