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  1. Avatar
    william maurer says:

    Haven't been to the super market in months. Bought most of my food stock pile on Amazon over the past five years. Now you can't even get a can of soup on Amazon. To preserve my food supply for a long haul I've been doing the drive up windows at Burger King, McDonalds, and take out pizza. It's time to play heads up ball. Keep the videos coming, they're a breath of calm air. THX!!!

  2. Avatar
    CT says:

    Most people living in America don't know what the word (Hungry) really mean yet but they soon will find out! I see people wasting so much foods!

  3. Avatar
    Crystal River777 says:

    I use the same water on your counter but was wondering where you got the buckets? They look like food grade? I asked at Walmart and they didnt have any but maybe they sent me to the wrong area…..

  4. Avatar
    Dan 821 says:

    AG you always have such great tips and things to consider! Thank you for sharing!
    The only thing that I could add to what you have stated here is to seriously think about conservation of resources. As you said, we have no way of knowing what the future holds and when items will run out or when they may become available again. God bless you and your family and keep you safe!

  5. Avatar
    Jack pine Savage says:

    l go grocery shopping wearing my N95 half mask and goggles. I hope the grocery stores and gas stations and the local dump transfer station remain open. The grocery stores here have stopped accepting returnable cans and bottles for recycling.

  6. Avatar
    Done working says:

    God Granny, in one hand I'm thinking, "she's mighty optimistic".
    And then I think, .. "How cruel, giving the unprepared "hope" like that".
    Have a great one.

  7. Avatar
    Bee Real says:

    Thank you, Granny. I agree with most of the comments below:
    You are so calm, reassuring and —>wise<—. I thank God for you too.
    I enjoy all your videos, keep up the good work !

  8. Avatar
    Eva Myrick says:

    Hi, Today I checked the Dollar General flyer and saw that they were offering a $3.00 digital coupon off exchange on 20 gallon propane tanks. I had 4 in my stockpile that were empty so I took 2 in.
    I have 20 full tanks. I search on Craig's List and Facebook Marketplace for my area and buy them when I can find them at a good price. Since I had to go inside the store, wearing mask and gloves I checked for more flour, there wasn't any. There was half what is normally there in sugar. A lot of canned meats were gone. I picked up 8 cans of evaporated milk for my stock. It looked like no body was buying it. But I left plenty behind for others.
    I had tried out a carton of Almond milk recently and we liked it. But it is hard to find as well. . I have plenty Gossner's shelf stable milk, Carnation evaporated milk, Carnation dry milk and Augason Farms Morning Moos. But I am making my home made bread again and my normal recipe calls for milk.
    There were a lot of people in the Dollar General store and only me protected. They were not practice social distancing.
    I picked up a couple more boxes of plant food for my container garden this spring.
    If we look at this virus with an open mind and they are saying it will go away when it gets warmer. If it act like all the rest of virus do it will return this winter. If there is a break during this summer take those months to stock pile what your family will need in the future.
    Thanks for the great advise.

  9. Avatar
    Blueluvah says:

    Im trying lol shtuff so expensive on a regular day in 🇨🇦 nvm in a pandemic lol I'm hoping to get a propane tank
    No bbq lol but maybe I can partner up with someone that has a bbq lol

  10. Avatar
    Nephilim Slayer says:

    So to share some tips that may be helpful for shortages, these may come in handy:

    Shop at small retailers, like a butcher or greengrocer or ethnic grocery stores. Bulk buy organic stores too if one is nearby.
    With a coffee grinder, you can make flour out of oats, rice or chickpeas if wheat flour is short. Use baking soda or yeast for rising.
    Breadcrumbs can be substituted with oats.
    For a homemade disinfectant, mix equal parts of methylated spirits with distilled water in a spray bottle. I used to work in a lab and we used this to keep it germ-free.


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