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Gabriel Parent-Leblanc heats his tiny house with an awesome solar air heater. He built his tiny house to prove it was possible to live in a tiny house year round …
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37 replies
  1. Avatar
    giftyunho says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your home and experience. I also live in a northern climate and was concerned about heating, so this is very encouraging. I have been looking for eco and environmentally friendly heating solutions and this is the first time I'm seeing the solar wall idea! Very cool. I would like to be completely off grid, so thank you for sharing your solar set up. I would love to see more videos on details of solar set ups and environmentally friendly solutions to plumbing, heating, and electricity in the home. Thank you so much for this video exploring alternatives team.

  2. Avatar
    red_ashcroft says:

    17-25C is a bit cold for me, but hey, that's a lot of savings! I too have a tiny home, but I live in the tropics where cooling is much more needed. But keeping the house cold on really hot and humid summer days, costs about the same as his, and I am hooked up to a grid still.

  3. Avatar
    phuong ngan says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about solar energy for my home try Ewans Energy Roadmap (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  4. Avatar
    TG FJ says:

    Love the tiny house, and your presentation is well done : marvelous savings going solar – gives a lot of us much inspiration to do the same!

  5. Avatar

    You cannot heat a tiny house with a solar furnace when you only get roughly SIX HOURS OF SUNLIGHT DURING THE DAY. At best you might knock off 25% of your heating bill. Also solar furnaces mounted vertically on a wall do not work very well.

  6. Avatar
    Vivalaleta Godfrey says:

    Excellent way to live but…does your house have to be….tan? You have a lovely, red roof and the tan house undermines it. Anyway it would look sharp if you painted your front door the same color as your roof – right?

  7. Avatar
    Joseph Atnip says:

    It's a good idea I think maybe a more permanent structure somewhere where you could use concrete and thermal Mass to hold the heat that you produced in the daytime to get you through the cold winter nights would be probably more efficient and it most definitely would work better further south like in the middle of the United States I really like the idea of the tiny house I mean I lived small before I had a micro apartment for like 4 years with my late girlfriend that was about the size of most people's living rooms it was 11 ft 6 in wide by 25 ft deep but I've really been looking into earthship homes I'm more permanent structure but also self-sustaining I mean even with a tiny house you have to put it somewhere you can rent a place but then you're still just renting you can buy a plot of land well if you're going to do that you might as well go with an earthship

  8. Avatar
    opera says:

    I don't live in a tiny house, but still a small one with much the same criteria. I only have one battery and have refrigeration PV hot water and the usual stuff as well as a dishwasher with heated dry. This is done by smart energy management. Less battery is made up by more solar panels. I use the power when it is made. PV hot water is made when there is excess solar power not being used elsewhere. A system like this costs little more than the solar panels themselves.

  9. Avatar
    NOMAD Micro Homes says:

    Great job Gabriel! I would like to learn more about the solar wall heater. I saw this technology at a home show but wasn't sure if it would perform well enough during the winter months. Especially in Canada, where we don't get a lot of sun. It would be great to hear a little more about this to help our fellow Canadians that are contemplating going off grid. Also, how much propane are you going through to heat water and cook?

  10. Avatar
    Miranda Lim says:

    Love this video, but I would rather use more simply and easy D.I.Y floor heating such as An Warm underfloor heating for this house.
    key reason is because An Warm runs DC which can be directly connected from Solar Power Battery.


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