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29 replies
  1. Avatar
    KILLKING110 says:

    a lone wolf is basically a introvert and being a introvert means you have more mental capacity to do more stuff on your own and I spent a day out hunting rabbits with my bow no luck but it was a good test for my igloo quantum when I got home I purposely left the ice in it and the ice last 2 days before melting too much and frankly a good quality cooler that has wheels so you can keep some stuff fresh for the first few days and always invest in a wagon type system you can pull like a sled dog essentially you can haul more stuff I know they make deer sleds to haul deer out of woods easier.

  2. Avatar
    Shelly Long says:

    I'm a Single woman with 12 yr old son. I've got a 32 ft rv and a 24' cargo trailer full of supplies I've worked on for 2 years. But I have no man to fix anything that breaks or defend us. I can't stay awake 24 hrs to guard . I need to find the perfect man 😊

  3. Avatar
    Greg Summers says:

    a very important topic; covered well. Social sturcture is assumed western democratic – this will fail as will socialism. the historic example of survivalist aboriginal tribes is however a good example. tribe size of up to 30 all-ages for skills, task sharing, food gathering, hunting, defensive measures, scouting, etc. so a strict social structure with a violent punishment system, equitable resource distribution and the inate desire to contribute. 2 modern examples are the US Amish community & Jewish kibbutz. So 5 to 8 families, only comming together during SHTF may not be succesful unless it is a prepper group within a church community. // socialists are well suited to the theiving & violent Mad Max bunch. Lone wolfs are misfits. Even modern examples of lone wolfs had external support. -stop believing the Hollywood BS as you do not have the skill sets. the term lone wolve is a deceptive CIA – Hollywood term: as wolves are pack animals. the 4-man SF team is the smallest sustainable unit; but is very high consumer of all types of resources and produces very little in the way of self sustainment. thanks to you all.

  4. Avatar
    Cryptic Observer says:

    Great topic! As you stated, there are lots of pros and cons to both that just can't be mitigated. I think each sceanrio lends itself to a different setting. First, a distinction between 'surviving' and 'thriving'. I would argue that a properly trained lone wolf might be better at the bare essentials of survival whereas a group would be better for thriving and growth. This could be related to… the first 0-6 months of a total collapse vs the next year and onward. A lone wolf would arguably be better at a nomadic existence while a group might be better at an encamped or more permanently emplaced existence. But yeah… there are always trade-offs and considerations for each. Maybe the ideal is a small, well trusted, well trained, well practiced small group of 3-6 people. Cool topic that stimulates lots of thought.

  5. Avatar
    John Lord says:

    Good reason for being a Lone Wolf, and having domestic (and accumulate feral) dogs in a pack. They are the 24/7/365 perimeter guards … and attack/take down/immobilize mode. They are also the ambush and hunting companions that can crawl through the brush – and not shoot you. They will also be the ones who won't talk back at you with attitude – and steal your goods or cause a conflict. Dogs can carry their own dog rucks and everybody works together. They will find their own (clean or dirty) water needs, work and share the food (with the human being trhe alpha male dog). They provide their own heat, heating, and all indirect heating in a shelter or closed in location. Using a crossbow, compound bow, or especially air rifles, air pistols, and last resort shot gun, they provide the greatest hunter and herder of animals when properly trained. They eat less than a human, for the calories consumed and the work given, and the food doesn't have to be Grade A quality fresh. The will also eat up all the offal, and chew on the bones/marrow, leaving minimal food aromas in the domestic or wild landscape. They can also go out and find their own food, alone or in pack mode w/o the human – (and hopefully bring it back to the pack). Silent kilelrs, vs bangity, bang, bang – and scaring all wildlife for 5 square miles away.

    Useful when hunting with hawks or falcons for air- or land-borne critters, even using ferrets and mink for rabbitting warrens. Even using the smaller terriers and daschunds for the same badgering and rabbitting for which they were bred.

    Would take a dog over a human, unless they had a massives stockpile of air rifle pellets, and a years food and clean water.

  6. Avatar
    David Moore says:

    In the past, I was the Lone Wolf when it came to specific operations. But, there was always a base to return to. I do like the group status with the things that you have mentioned. Just for a scenario, you mentioned a sniper. A sniper may or may not have a spotter. When there are two, the spotter can be a great aid. However, now there are two of you and one could make a mistake that would affect both. Even with that, there's goods and bads. I do agree that a small group is better than being the Lone Wolf. And with that small group, you may have that wolf with you that can do some jobs that others are not equipped to do by themselves.

    Great vid on keeping me thinking.

  7. Avatar
    llroches says:

    Really well balanced layout of the pros/cons. IMO the two most important of the ones you listed are security & medical. You can't easily accomplish either properly by yourself. I would also add "planning", I know I'd appreciate (and need) critical feedback as a sanity check of my "brighter" ideas.

  8. Avatar
    bag o' toe tags says:

    The group idea for a lone wolf survivalist is unacceptable especially if they are civilians, neighbors or casual friends; the trust factor comes into play. A well trained cohesive unit with a defined purpose and delegated individual assignments such as a military unit abiding by the statutes of the survival act and defense of your Constitutional rights and protecting your self, family and property, unless you were forced to vacate your property for your own survival will thrive. The problem with civilian groups is who will be in charge and be the shot caller. The trained group unit has a chain of command by virtue of knowledge and skill level and is usually acceptable to all members of that group. The lone wolf type as you said can be stealthier and less dependent on someone who's knowledge is questionable. I would recommend one good friend or relative with the same ideology as a survival companion and not go it alone too long or not be part of a group of more than three people. If by chance your group, in a run for your life survival situation, is your wife and kids then unless they were trained before hand may present problems of mobility and stealth. Let's pray that when the SHTF we aren't faced with the next faze of WAHBL. (When All Hell Breaks Loose)  I watch all your videos, good work!

  9. Avatar
    wjf213 says:

    I agree, lone wolf works for short term events, but for long term as in years, you can not survive without a group.

    The setting up a group is the hard part. We have had a few groups in our day and I'll tell you, some times the juice just ain't worth the squeeze when putting together a group.

    We, as in our core four, came up with a more refined way of putting a group together and it has worked for us. I won't go into all the boring details, but I'll give you the readers digest version.

    What we did was laid out a detailed foundation of what we feel will be needed after an event, outside of food and water. We feel that will be medical issues that people will have. So we casually talked with our doctors about the current world situations and what can we do if some thing happens, and we're still in need of medical attention?

    This simple conversation opens the door and will quickly help you decide if that doc is raw prepper material that can be recruited or not. This works for almost any person who has skills you want to add to the group.

    We felt that getting highly skilled and respected people into the group FIRST, brings serious credibility to the group as a whole, and thus makes it easier and gives others a solid reason to take a serious look at prepping and joining us. We're no longer a bunch of inbred hillbillies totting guns around, we real everyday Americans with a plan to help each other during bad times. Two very different things here.

    Also, docs run with other docs and they're just as concerned about their families well being as everyone else. Before you know it, you have a doc and his wife who's a nurse, two trauma surgeons, and two dentists all on board.

    This also makes the group a valuable asset for the surrounding community, because now we have the basic medical needs covered and we're able to trade medical help for things we may need. Maybe the local farmer gives us a cow and his child gets that appendix removed, or broken leg set or tooth repaired.

    I could write a book here on our ideas and past failures and successes, but you get the idea I'm sure. In short, never be afraid to gently bring the conversation around to some sort of prepper question to people who are highly skilled and needed in a group, because they too have the same concerns as we preppers, but they know as much about how to go about prepping as we do in their profession.

    You just need a solid core of respected people that others can look at and know it's not some borderline criminal group in the making. Keep up the great work.

  10. Avatar
    Ethical Preparedness says:

    You hit the two biggest points for me reference belonging to a group: I see too many people who get ailments (appendicitis, etc.) who would die without help; and people need to actually sleep sometimes, and having others to keep watch would help that. 🙂

  11. Avatar
    foraging wild says:

    I found in Alaska going out on long adventures looking for gold, foraging, hunting, fishing and snares. once I got set up in a place I had to much time to think. As long as I had to much to do I was ok. After 10 days after I was set up I would have to go find people again. Talking to your self only works for so long. Once I found my first wife half Eskimo and happy to be in the middle of nowhere with me. Having someone to take care of made all the difference

  12. Avatar
    twa2471 says:

    I'd think that no more than 10-12 people max would be best as a group size, if there's the possibility of having to move locations,at least by my way of thinking and If you have the right people of course.

    More than that could be a liability IMO because,, you need to keep a small foot print size to stay discreet , ease of movement as a unit and with the right people it's probably more manageable politics and chain of command wise too plus there's enough people to get done what needs to be done. And lets face it, someone has to be in charge !

    Much more than that it starts getting a bit hard to manage logistically in a very serious worst case senerio. I've kinda been there in Nam on big air assaults in the A Sau Valley and I've seen larger forces/groups are not necessarily the best. Things can turn into a big cluster muster real quick! Of course we were there looking for trouble and we had a chain of command on our side so a slightly different senerio, but even then things still got FUBAR-ed occasionally LOL!!! Civilians under duress,,,OMG,,that may be a bit interesting under tough circumstances ! Most people have never been in a true SHTF senerio and pray they never have to.

    Families with very small kids are huge liability too and a whole different story altogether, sadly to say, but it is what it is. That's where family groups need to work together. And should of course. That's where I agree with JJ, "shelter in place if possible",, and always the best option circumstances allowing. But if you HAD to move,,Oh Boy , what a nightmare that could be! Could you even imagine??

    For sure a lone wolf wouldn't fair well for very long though ,unless in a very remote location with no chance of detection. But myself I'd be going just plain nuts after a month or so without human contact ,,,,AHHHHH !!! Not a great option IMHO unless you've got some seriously outstanding back country skills. Even then loneliness would get ya in the end.

  13. Avatar
    MM Bourne says:

    New to your channel, I think it’s Great!!
    Got a question? In a group or alone, should you always be on the move or can you settle any where or in multiple places, Thanks.

  14. Avatar
    Keith Sparling says:

    Again the number one thing is mental health,(so overlooked) how tough are you? What will your wife do when you take a bullet in the head?
    Shock, Americans talk a good game, when this country falls, so will many people, be as "prepared" as you want, staying sane
    will be a task in itself! If I hand you a live chicken, can you have it ready for dinner in three hours, ready to serve? In a group you have to literally trust your life on others, so everyone has to be able to do EVERYTHING, if someone falls, someone has to pick up the slack. You speak of fighting… groups will be sought out, a gray man or mole is not worth their time! Groups will have to use guns to defend themselves far more often! Lone wolf, infections, that is true, but he'll never get the flu as you mentioned! From who? Just like practicing with your equipment, you are better off if you've seen some ugly stuff, so it doesn't shock you. Too much to do for the lone wolf? Yeah, I guess I'll have to miss the T.V. and games etc. What is more important? Groups wont be having big parties! I've given this a lot of thought and research.

  15. Avatar
    Keith Sparling says:

    Also, in groups, you will have "social issues", as in any society. Greed, egos, dishonesty, the hunger for power to lead and run the show!
    Remember, man is his own worst enemy, WE KILL EACH OTHER! We have never been able to overcome this. It may not be an issue in the beginning, but any honest person, can not deny, the group, will have differences, and take sides. In groups you need to have "common beliefs", I am a Christian… conservative, is everyone else in the group? I like the idea of a group, but in reality
    I can see too many situations where it would fail. When the group is low on food or water, and you can only feed the "providers"
    so they can hunt and fish and get water, how will mothers and fathers feel? But why wait? Go now into the forest or wherever, take little, test yourself now, just for a weekend. How many have done that? Everyone in the group has to be skilled as anyone else! That is another tough issue. Veterans and homeless are probably the most prepared! If you haven't lived it…YOU DON'T KNOW!!!

  16. Avatar
    Space Soldier says:

    Being a Lone Wolf it means you have to become a coward, always attacking from behind always using poison and playing dirt and if the plan a is going into the gutter always run away and try another time, it's that simple.

  17. Avatar
    Roy Parman says:

    Furthering the thought about "Medical Limitations"… Bear in mind that some health threats may involve a loss or lack of judgement or sensation… you might not be aware that you are becoming gradually impaired, until it is too late. Hypothermia, dehydration, etc., your survival chances are greatly enhanced if you have group members who can say "Hey, you're slurring your words and acting disoriented, let's stop and take a look at you", you yourself just might not be aware of it. Just a thought to add to the dialogue.

  18. Avatar
    Umberto Errechitto says:

    I suggest we "Loners" are such because our friends and family are still in the delusion of well-being as this world collapses around us.  Let us greet one another with "SHALOM?" or "LONER?" Shalom is a greeting that calls down the blessing of GOD upon the meeting.  When asked as a question, we send a signal, let's form an alliance how ever distant that can result in tactical meetings at strategic planning locations. Loners CAN contribute.

  19. Avatar
    T. N. Schumacher says:

    I have been following the different trains of thought on Prepper groups V lone wolf. My struggle is the politics, leader ship V dictatorship. Group requirements, look alike uniforms. Mock war play days and or boring classes. Required religious service participation.

  20. Avatar
    Micaela Kerley says:

    As a 60 year old female, I would NOT trust the alpha female of the group to assign “tasks” to me or boss me around in any way. I am vegetarian, so I would anticipate the confiscation of all my vitamin C rich veggies and leave me with charred bones to eat. My personalized medical supplies I would have would be quickly given to someone else, leaving me with nothing. Alpha males and overweight females would eat the largest and best good rations. As a lone wolf, I could easily remain “invisible”. I would not be forced to wash someone’s nasty underwear and bras, nor be forced into submission by religious zealots. I would be mobile in my movement, seeking out unlooked for resources and places of self refuge. Group think can be dangerous if they consider you low on their “pecking order” They will call you selfish if you refuse to relinquish all you own. They could accidentally kill you with trigger happy sticky fingers. Finally, if you died, they would probably barbecue you and your companion animal.


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