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44 replies
  1. Avatar
    Gaburley Burley says:


    Thank you for your advice and hints. While I am not a survivalist, I do (now) preach about living poor and storing food for the lean times.

    I would like to get to a point where I would have at least 2 years of food (and seed) stored. Last summer very little grew and the harvest was bad. I only got12 beans from the three plants that survived, and not a single Sunflower produced seeds, and the dehydrated tomatoes from 6 plants only filled one mason jar.


  2. Avatar
    Gaburley Burley says:

    Hi again;

    People say that I should work more or get a better job, but I would rather live a poorer, more simple, but for me a more sustainable life, less relient on money. In a disaster money can quickly become useless.


  3. Avatar
    gsx1138 says:

    I've only started prepping and this series has by far helped me the most. It's hard for me to understand how to this is done from reading on different survival boards. It is very nice to be able to visually see how it's done.

  4. Avatar
    GuyFawkes2008 says:

    For those of you who are into R/C Airplanes, A 'Monokote'/Heat Iron works great for sealing as well. They already have Teflon on them and are design to work against heat shrink plastic. you can pick them up for around $20 at local hobby store…
    Carry on guys and thanks for putting out the vids.

  5. Avatar
    12UltraMk says:

    Thanks for the response delta69alpha. Well, I have my HDPE 2 buckets, lids, Mylar, and 2000cc oxygen absorbers. I was wondering what kind of food you recommend storing in this manner besides rice, beans and the feed you showed. Would Oatmeal be a good candidate? What would be a good resource to look up this? Thank you.

  6. Avatar
    ispike112 says:

    Firstly greart vids 🙂 question for you how bout storing say smaller 1-2 kg packs bought from store of rice , oats and similar foods? in Aus were i live its hard to get the large buckets and airtight bags you use. so would smaler bags of rice kept in buckets as you do work as well for maybe shorter time spanns?

  7. Avatar
    Erik Johnson says:

    @delta69alpha ok thanks, thats a pretty long shelf life. i'm in KY so, its relatively cool, should store well. Keep up the good work! Make more vids. This is is bein showcased on a couple survival sites!!

  8. Avatar
    David B. says:

    Very informative video… thanks… one question… as this method is primarily for grains, what technique do you recommened for powders?…. ie., instant potato flakes, flour, sugar, salt… I would think that moisture is a big enemy of these items… do we use the same procedure with dessicants?…again thanks alot for your efforts in producing these videos

  9. Avatar
    Yunginspirit says:

    @sv906905 – Costco where I live sells wheat. White wheat is best for making bread/baking; red wheat for other recipes. You could also buy it thru a Mormon friend, if you have one.

  10. Avatar
    AJS0121 says:

    Is there information somewhere that will tell me how long wheat, rice, pasta, etc. will last when stored like this? I cannot seem to find an answer.

  11. Avatar
    Lazrahh says:

    On those bags. The end with the paper that has the string stitched in. If you just grab the small 1/4" strip of paper with the string and pull the whole seam should pull right out making opening easy, and knife free. Every single bag we ever had at the Feed mill had these. Just a thought to maybe make things easier.

  12. Avatar
    Slot Magic says:

    Hint: processing all your buckets first, i.e. filling all of them and getting them ready for the oxy absorbers, then opening the oxygen absorber package and putting the oxy absorbers in the buckets reduces oxy absorbers from oxidizing. Once you open the oxy absorber package, they start to oxidize immediately. Better to do them all at once.

  13. Avatar
    Dwight E Howell says:

    Crap, if somebody would just put them in Mylar with a couple of O2 absorbers and shove them into the cans they should be able to sell these for a modest mark up and come out okay without bleeping us.

  14. Avatar
    mechanicalbu11 says:

    very good info, i have some buckets filled with beans and rice from 20 years ago w/out Mylar i wonder if if it's still edible? i did put dry nitrogen in with the buckets and with food grade DE also stored at 68 degrees, so who knows maybe in a pinch this 20 year old food will work.

  15. Avatar
    Fear061 says:

    Tell me about storing chocolate, as in bars of chocolate. I'm a pastry chef and a prepper and my husband is a marine I want to store chocolate and he says it's impossible lol.


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