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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

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Prepper Burn Treatment

ION: Burn Treatment is an effective pain killer and disinfectant. It is a non-toxic formula of stabilized oxygen molecules in a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfate with glycerin. It works effectively on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns.

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  1. Avatar
    little goatfeathers says:

    I've recently started raising rabbits for meat. ..Added bonus is all the amazing fertilizer for the garden …And as a widow they will bring in needed income selling the organic fertilizer on the side to local gardeners …

  2. Avatar
    Teri Chewbaca says:

    I'm New at Homesteading 🏡. I LOVE y'all & I want to be a part of the Gathering. However, bein new has it's drawbacks. I have some variety of seeds, but I kinda figure most folks already have what I have…worth tryin for the seed swap anyway,I guess! I hope it'll work!

  3. Avatar
    JLee Yucca Valley says:

    Hi Danny and Miss Wanda, I'm a newer subscriber, I used to live in Mississippi as a teen, an air force brat, we were 1 mile from the gulf coast in Biloxi, Mississppi. How close are you to Biloxi? I feel like your almost family, we seem to have the same ideals and work ethics. It sounds weird but I miss my home town childhood roots. I'd love to come home, but my Dr. Says the heavy air is not good for my COPD. That makes me very sad I miss home and watching ya'll makes me feel like I'm home again. I would love to be at the gathering but I cant afford to fly, and too far for me to drive from So. Cal. I will be there in spirit, love ya guys sending good wishes and prayers

  4. Avatar
    D Brant says:

    Do you have a video on how to raise chickens and make a coupe? I'm thinking the eggs would be a good protein source… Plus I'm the one from Pennsylvania with the small yard!!

  5. Avatar
    Saddle Ridge says:

    Danny and Wanda, missed you guys Sat night. Are you having the giveaway for this channel? If so, please put me in for a chance at one of the Ron Foster books, I watched review on Crazy Dazes and they sound very interesting, something I would like to read! Thank you and God bless.


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