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    Elisha J Cramer says:

    I’ve been thrust into leadership roles on more than one occasion in various scenarios. What I’ve found is most people are followers and want/need to be lead. Likewise, those same people tend to choose pretty darn good leaders because people do well at identifying those with wisdom and discernment. Those who can communicate well and are able to see qualities in others tend to be the best leaders. They are able to delegate responsibility the best. A good leader knows his or her personal limitations but is typically excellent in identifying talent and ability in others and does well exploiting those traits. “Leaders” who claim to be in charge because they are the most physically imposing, to have the best weapons, or use intimidation tactics are not true leaders. They are typically wolves in sheep’s clothings. Most great leaders are typically experts in nothing but know a little about a whole lot and have vision and discernment.

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    paul pipkin says:

    Good info as always. We have just started our MAG and this info will serve it well, thanks. We focus on two points atm. We want that to sink in and want it to become muscle memory before moving on. We have found within a few meetings we can graduate to the next set of priorities. That might be something that you already utilize, but if not, might give it a try.

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    explorers1979 says:

    crazy that you said things that pertain to me. I'm a black belt in TKD , as of 1995, and purple in bjj, although I started in 1996. I should've been a blackbelt over ten years ago. I'm now 40. Thank you for this amazing content! Shalom.

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    Opnek says:

    I think many people over complicate this till they get in one themselves, but you have described how I am sure 99% of people go about it once they have started. Great stuff!!!

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    .Currently sitting back in the woods waiting for the fireworks 150 miles down a one way forestry road 😏 dont mess with the wandering preppers in the upper 56 paralel i saw a squirrel today he told me i was nuts 🤣🐿🐿 now hes in the stew pot


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