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    MasterK9Trainer says:

    I like some of the older military stuff all the way back to Vietnam and even WW2 gear used by us, Germany and the British. It's still functional and it's easy enough to make a few modifications or upgrades. Nicely done and thumbs up from Orlando.

  2. Avatar

    I’m outbackScout_. And. Where u put your tarp I put. My tarp and I’m able to put my poncho .

    I was thinking about how cool would it be to use the Alice frame as a army-cot using wood

  3. Avatar
    Hel's Disciple says:

    Something I can recommend for a fellow Florida boy, is the Claytor Mosquito "Jungle hammock and fly" The whole kit comes with a hammock with a pocket underneath for insulation if convection is making you cold sewn in mosquito netting and a 13' x 10' rain fly. Mine is many years old, so there may be some changes, like I think mine has a 10' x 12'rectangular tarp. But when it's all in the stuff sack, it fits perfectly in the bottom of a Med ALICE.

  4. Avatar
    GIJoker says:

    I use that "space" to hang my Source 3L water bladder & cover and run the hose up and over the shoulder straps. Great spot for it!! Thanks for the ideas, great video!

  5. Avatar
    James Flores says:

    Hola compañero de aventura la mochila medium alice tienen la capasidad de recistir al peso es muy dinamica el modelo esta echo para estar en terreno yasea en el vosque,en la jungla o desierto

  6. Avatar
    The Gulf War Airsofter says:

    What my dad did to his was he zip tied the quick release straps where the straps unbuckle since the are known for coming undone ALL the time on ruck marches and patrols and such. So, maybe consider that for another mod.

    I liked the mods you did, I have my dads ALICE pack from when he served so I got all the gulf war mods on it haha.

  7. Avatar
    Kramer S says:

    Something I did was wrap some full size bungee cords around the frame where your tarp is. They weigh practically nothing and the bungees give you a way to secure some flat items.


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