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Louis meets Mike Cain, a survivalist who is preparing for a war but Louis wants to know a little more about what he thinks is going to happen… Taken from Louis …
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47 replies
  1. Avatar
    Grouchy says:

    He'll be right in the end. Living you life thinking that civilisation will last forever is naive.

    “Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilisation is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph”
    ― Robert E. Howard

  2. Avatar
    Al Gilmore says:

    The survivalists are just people thinking independently and thinking ahead. If they are wrong- good- and why do other people care?

    I suspect at some point their skills will make them survivors when those who now mock will perish.

  3. Avatar
    MisterZ3r0 says:

    These hillbilly rancher-type people are actually very simple salt of the earth people. Low IQs, but Low IQs doesn't mean evil or bad. They don't really know how to process the modern world and have to rely on conspiracy theories to find an explanation for very complex processes. Same with the Black Israelites, simple people who need to feel like they have a grasp on the world. In a different era, they wouldn't be bombarded with news and world events at such a rapid pace. They would simply worry about hunting and ranching. Go the church on Sundays and maintain their property.

  4. Avatar
    sexobscura says:

    This episode is VERY funny. These paranoid whackos actually believe everything they want (like ANY believer will). That Mike says 'the end of the world' will 'probably happen before the year 2000' is on a par with 'THE END IS NIGH' sandwich board nutjobs.

  5. Avatar
    Jack says:

    Nice bloke. Mike Cain must be 70 by now. I really wonder what he's been up to these past 21 years. Mike, if you happen to read this, give us an update man.

  6. Avatar
    zigwey says:

    He was off by about 20 years. Everything he said he predicted accurately. Now people in modern day societies (cities) have no self sufficiency or survival skills. Too busy with modern Technology and too reliant for everything. So I ask you this, if your Governments bring terror and doom to your door, what will you do? Martial law, Police States, FEMA camps. Where are you going to run too?? Well this dude will sure as hell be laughing at anyone who called him CRAZY!!!

  7. Avatar
    James Daniel Smith says:

    I don't have an issue with paying basic taxes for water, waste, roads, emergency services etc, but when the taxes start getting out of hand (Usually under leftist governments) then it becomes a problem, cover the basics and then leave us alone.


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