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  1. Avatar
    Laurie Asmus says:

    How is it that UK has tested over 16,000 people ( dept of health and social care #'s) and 85 positive, while CDC here cannot get people tested?? South Korea has tested like 30,000 as well. CDC lying and dragging their feet to help spread virus IMHO.

  2. Avatar
    Patricia McIntrosh says:

    I realize you are a medical professional but I am a prepper and I think I am covered. I have been a "hand washer" for years and I have bacterial wipes. I dont have at compromised immune system. I eat mostly organic and I take supplements from probiotics to vitamins to herbals. But sometimes when I watch you it's a downer regarding the "beer flu" as they are calling it. Yes,I believe you are trying to help and are giving people info that a lot of them need to know, especially those who have never prepped. But reading some of the comments people have left, a lot are scared, a lot hate the government and expect the worst from them. You expect the worst from them. What is happening in China is not happening here . The Chinese don't give a rats ass about their own people….how many die or suffer. I think we do. In spite of the flu there are still protests in Hong Kong and in Paris for human rights. I think many many people are in total panic over this and that scares me more than the disease.

  3. Avatar
    Jed Eckart says:


    I've been analyzing COVID-19 (Corona virus) for several weeks now. Here is what I have concluded.

    In short, the data is manipulated by the NWO (New World Order) in order to grab more power. To create capital controls, force vaccines, restrict travel and blame President Trump in the process.

    Odd references from Israel indicates this was a Mosad operation maybe with a deep state branch of the CIA, to prevent the virus tests from being available, simply because it changes the numbers. An easy operation to perform, and a lot of impact.

    Here's how it works. The dead are hard to hide. If 3 people died from the COVID-19 then it's known, but the amount tested is easy to control. If 100 people were tested but 3 died, then they will say 3% is the mortality rate which is rather high (3/100). But there may actually be 100,000 people infected which means the mortality rate is actually only 0.0003%, far below the common stomach flu.

    India has been strangely quiet in all the reports about this virus, so there are now indications its going to explode in India. This is where many of U.S. contractors (legal immigrants) come from. Most of my co-workers and also most of my neighbors.

    The false data is enough to convince most of the public to accept forced vaccines, travel restrictions, and even capital controls. so the deep state (Democrats) will be proposing such bills and will blame President Trump in the process as a way to further damage chances in the election.

    In a few years, this will be normalized as just another virus only at that time vaccines would be forced along with other draconian measures which further empower the socialist/communist. This will be n0 different than any other virus with a higher infection rate than the flu, but lower mortality rate.

    And 0f course everybody runs t0 the stores an buys things.

    Remember, it's all about control.

  4. Avatar
    MrGreblin says:

    if the government looses control of the … its okay narrative .. shtf will kick off with a vengeance and people will go nuts ,then economy will go to shit real fast

  5. Avatar
    Sandra Nelson says:

    Check out the YT channel of Dr. John Campbell . He is a trainer of med personnel around the world. He has been reporting the truth for weeks now. The people he has trained around the world are contacting him about what's going on, and folks, it's pretty grim. Very scary stuff is going on. Apparently China, through draconian rules, has just now begun to slow the virus down. They are following a very strict regime of quarantine and isolation. Factories and businesses, schools, universities, public places…all shut down. Neighborhoods shut down, apartment buildings isolated, grocery stores closely monitored. Satellite pictures show that the heavy layer of smog usually covering China is gone! They are testing everyone all the time!
    North America is whistling past the graveyard. Everyone thinks it couldn't happen here. Well, it's here, it's happening, and we are going to get it square in the teeth. And we could have slowed it down.

  6. Avatar
    K H-C says:

    Dont forget folks, some of us are fortunate enough to have Nature's Immune Boosters readily available in our back yard. I am currently sipping on white pine tea while watching this. I haven't had any probably since last flu season, when I would be sure to make a cup or two anytime I felt like I was coming down with something. I now swear by it and figured I should probably just having some here and there to give a boost.

    Very pleased for you Heather is home shortly, PN1. My heart is glad that is one less stress for you right now!

  7. Avatar
    K H-C says:

    I agree with you that this is already out of control and no doubt this thing is just exploding unchecked in many, many area.

    People in the Milford, NH area seem to still be asleep. I shopped Tues, and I shopped again today. Today the tp is lower than normal, but not even nearly gone. The cleaner section has a row of paper towels in with the bleach, because a lot (but not all) of that is gone. Canned meats and fruits had been restocked since Tues. and looked 'normal'. Plenty of bottled water, nothing obviously gone, still plenty of hand sanitizers.

    I didn't see anyone clearly stocking up, but I did see people examining the cleaners closely and grabbing disinfectant spray. So, a few folks seem to be considering that maybe they should grab a few things, but no big rush here, nothing to see folks. Mind you, we are the state with the buffoon who was back from Italy and symptomatic but ignored orders to self-quarantine and attended a business event.

    I had all the Jello, canned chicken and salmon, shelf stable pepperoni and powdered coffee creamer my heart desired today. People here are FAR too complacent. That's fine, when they realize a crisis is upon us, I will have long been set for a good bit. Bought 7 dozen more eggs to dehydrate, too. Got some looks for that, who cares? Maybe one of them will think of me when they wish they had eggs but they are hard to be had down the line.

  8. Avatar
    Paul Isemonger says:

    Can you believe that my sons college here in the UK, Cirencester College, has allowed students to go to Italy for a week. They are returning to college next week without quarantine.

  9. Avatar
    Sandra McCollum says:

    they do not care if they get enough test kits, they will only get just so many, because of the cost, went to Big Lots today and there was not that many people we went just as kids was getting out of school, they still had a lot of stuff which was good, so picked up some stuff we did not have, I have said for a while that we have cases here that nobody knows about, but now the cat is out of the bag and people are talking about we have over 200 almost 300 people confirmed plus thousand that was told to go home and stay for two weeks and see what happens, you know if they would test the people there would be thousand of people that would be confirmed, they are just worried because they do not want us to go under, but its going to happen anyway

  10. Avatar
    Denise Hitt says:

    And if you're having any meet-and-greets coming up you may want to cancel those just a suggestion I know another Channel operator who goes under the name beat the bush was supposed to have a meet and greet with his people and he decided to cancel it I believe he lives in California where they're also infected stay safe everyone.

  11. Avatar
    Ann Murry says:

    I started prepping about 1 year ago

    Wish I had started earlier and bought more things like freeze-dried food and masks. Instead I tried to "learn the hard way" and go with crackers and root veggies that don't last as long.

    You have a good business here! Glad you've been trying!

  12. Avatar
    Debra Salt says:

    stop, look, think before you act.If you put your mind to it you can stop touching your face & eyes.Sanitize your car steering wheel, gear shifter, doorknobs.Overkill is better in this case.


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