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    The PNW Rider says:

    LOL love the pack. The hermit crab pack. Hey if they have their plates they are good in the bunker. look at all the 3rd world Sh*tholes how many still are chugging along? Most. Step one get out of debt. Buy the gear you can afford. I remember the old doomsday preppers from 2012 or so. One couple had a plan to charge their plastic to the max as they would not have to pay if back due to the Mayan prophecy. I wonder what happened to them?

  2. Avatar
    Mike Ault says:

    Great thoughts.. And the other thing I found out last year was updated. You need to upgrade every few months just like you are talking but your destination can change, just that change can change everything. And not using your gear is the biggest mess up, I found out guilty. I found out I should have been able to go someplace and I found I was not ready go..U nailed all the faults on the head. LAter I need to try something new…

  3. Avatar
    lit sci says:

    GIANT SPIDERS! Thank god I didn't waste money preparing for completely idiotic disasters like pandemics, economic collapses, nuclear accidents, terror attacks, etc.

  4. Avatar
    BoomBaby says:

    Building a bug out bag is a good first step. Usually, when people get woke to the idea of societal collapse, they want to DO SOMETHING. Building a BOB is a good way for them to think and start acting.

  5. Avatar
    Edie Boudreau says:

    Always lots of options on what to learn. Lots of options depending on sit rep. Look at what you have, what you're capable of., what you're capable of dealing with. Always think of all possibles and possible reactions. And plan to have something you're not ready for. Lol options options options.

  6. Avatar
    Sean Keel says:

    I have two get home bags. One for my work sire 50 + miles from home. My 2nd is for my job site 120 miles from home. Both start from mountain tops. It will suck.
    I actually have dreams about EMP and having to hoof it home. 🤯
    No bug out, bugging in.

  7. Avatar
    Joe Primal says:

    Planning? Where's your sense of adventure? Planning is for sissies and little girls. Guys like you take all the fun out of the apocalypse. LOL. Take some sudafed and get some sleep my friend.

  8. Avatar
    Kansas Prepper says:

    Good video brother, we rotate our stocked can good and that is it. What are people going to do if they have a minor hiccup and start munching their food needlessly? Multiple ways of cooking here. Anyway, really good, smart comments here. Hey, not that you're worried about it, lol, but sorry I have missed so many videos lately, I have been kind of burnt out with YT. Still at it, just slowing down a bit. As always, I appreciate your sharing, worthwhile content and never having to listen to B.S.

  9. Avatar
    Tom Jones says:

    I want to recommend a radio that has top notch AM reception and great reception overall. It also receives shortwave broadcasts and FM. AM reception might be extremely useful in the future because you can get breaking news from up to 1000 miles away and easily within 700 miles. This radio is excellent. Search Amazon for the Eton Executive Traveler. This radio is on closeout sale. The price has dropped from 69-79 bucks to only 35. You cannot go wrong with this one.

    Buy rechargeable AA batteries for this if you plan to listen a lot and get regular AAs for backup and power failures. It uses 4 AA batteries and will fit in a shirt pocket. It doesn`t come with an AC adapter. Very sensitive radios like this don`t usually work well with adapters on AM/shortwave because it causes static. I don`t have an adapter so I don`t know how it works with this particular model. You won`t find a better AM radio of this size and price range.

    After this model is sold out you`ll have to pay twice as much for the new version, the Eton Elite Traveler, so get one before they`re gone. 35 bucks is a steal! I`m an avid AM listener and I know what I`m talking about.

  10. Avatar
    PrepperVet Mitchell says:

    At 67, and retired Army, I hike each day 8-10 miles. Include a 40 pound ruck and trek pole. No weapons (classified) except knife and pepper spray for attacking dogs. I plan to bug in as priority. Defenses are set up and use Vietnam style pain holes. I will listen for pain at night and police up what endured pain in the morning. Of course, all after a SHTF event. Bug out is a adventure that follows overwhelming odds and high body count. I can hike 25 miles a day without using roads. Navigation and shelter is based on situational awareness and camouflage. Good topic.


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