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    BackCountry Life says:

    I was wondering if you know if old school style Nalgene, HDPE, bottles are clear enough to preform a integrity test, and if you are able to see bubbles( through the white slightly opaque bottles) showing the filter is compromised? They are definitely lighter, than the triton style hard Nalgenes by a few ounces. Kinda hard to know if this style would work, unless i knew someone who had a compromised filter, which im guessing you have? I think this info could be helpful, as i bet you already know that Nalgenes are seen as heavy in the backpacking community, and being able to use the lighter weight HDPE Nalgenes I think would maybe make those people uneasy about hauling Nalgenes, take a second look at The Guardian.

  2. Avatar
    Angel Villegas says:

    so, if it's compromised, does that mean I need a new filter, or a whole new system also, before I buy one of these bad boys, is there any warranty for it ?I work at a camp for at risk youth, and I will be using this filter to have safe drinking water from lakes, and creeks for the yputh, anyways, just wondering if I drop it, or if it breaks, if a warranty will cover it.

  3. Avatar
    Ian R says:

    I got my filter yesterday. It leaks BADLY from around the bottom seal. This is (I’ve now discovered) a common problem and MSR advise people not to overtighten the base. Various levels of tightening have no effect, it’s a poor design. Expecting a single O ring seal to work in this configuration is crazy, there should be a second flat seal between the filter base and outlet thread. Looks like I’m going to have to try to re-engineer mine myself because the retailer doesn’t care.

  4. Avatar
    Bush Channel says:

    Has MSR done anything to solve the major issue of the internal plastic piston breaking? Our Guardian completely failed after only 8 months of usage and we’d only got about 100 litres out of it. Anyone using this regularly and long term will eventually have the same issue. The plastic piston is weak and will never process 10,000L as MSR claim. Don’t trust the Guardian.

  5. Avatar
    Romin says:

    According to many youtubers this is a piece of shit made in china or chinese plastics are being used. I also hear that MSR service is very bad.
    Nowadays i use a sawyer, never going back.

  6. Avatar
    Jay J says:

    Thank you for the post. You could really help out even more if you had a link to another clip on what to do if the system is compromised; showing which O ring(s) fail and stock numbers with demo of replacement, filter replacement along with stock number, piston replacement … You would help sell more if we though the high cost of this unit made sense by reasonable repair cost. I'm looking for a unit ( maybe 2) and reading reviews, cost of repair, reliability…

  7. Avatar
    Zach Eiriksson says:

    It blows my mind that basic $100 filters have carbon but not this thing. I understand it filters viruses but water is still nasty when it smells and tastes like ass. Ran out of r&d funding or what?


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