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  1. Avatar
    Patty Bochenski says:

    Mr Rudy,
    I have seen many people posting about Our rights being removed, I have tried to look this up and what I find is so Alarming!
    Where do you think we, as a Country, are going? How do you understand what is happening?
    I am just taken back and in dismay, as we stay in isolation!

  2. Avatar
    vadimx90 says:

    me as a truck driver.. ill be driving that ELD to its limits! waiting for my 34hr to reset and here we start her up and go Monday again! i live (almost) debt free life, dont need to work at all, but for the country i’ll haul with that ELD to its limits!

  3. Avatar
    Tiny Acres says:

    Just saw the coolest thing, an indoor rotating garden for herbs, lettuces and microgreens. Bundles 5.2 square feet of growing room in a space saving, upright circular design. Google "NASA inspired rotofarm' and you should see the link to the video. It looks amazing.

  4. Avatar
    Mary Brunner says:

    AP/Ya'll…if you buy any type of lettuce(in a bag/head/stalk) or any fresh veggies & you have a Food Saver – I suggest that ya use it. I have & I've been able to keep bagged lettuce for way over 3 weeks now(still going strong) & it's still as fresh as the day I bought it.

    This is what I did.

    Open the bag of lettuce, fold up a paper towel & place it towards the top (to catch any moisture that's about to get sucked out). Then place the lettuce bag into the Food Saver bag & do the normal suck/seal part. Yes, it definitely looks like the lettuce is getting crushed but, to my amazement, it wasn't. Now, I only did this to several bags of iceberg lettuce, romaine, carrots, onions, garlic, celery & some fruit.

    Just don't forget that piece of paper towel, keeping the moisture & oxygen out is key…I believe.

    Good luck if you try this.

  5. Avatar
    Jake Green says:

    Used to freeze lettuce when I lived in Alaska got to use it right away when thawed or it turns to brown mush I'd still eat it that way but it's not the same. Actually even since moving down south I've grown used to letting it half rot not for everyone though many of our ancestors ate half rotten deer meat and whale an acquired taste plus amunity

  6. Avatar
    Mary Fown says:

    Ohio is going into lockdown. Thank God for people like you as we bought a large pack (only 1)of tp 3 weeks ago. Will last us 3 months. Wal-Marts shelves are pretty sparse. You can’t find tp in our area right now. We were trying to fill the gaps with a limited income. Will eat rice & beans but have plenty of canned veggies to go with it. Glad we were listening to your advice as we are pretty well set for awhile. Better than many are. God bless & keep up the good work. 🙏❤️

  7. Avatar
    Brenda Cowell says:

    Hi, looks like you guys have more than us. Hope we can get out to get some stuff still. I'm in Ontario Canada. Yes only drive thru and delivers here . Even grocery are porch drop off. Stay safe . Our Costco has barriers up. You gave to stay the distance they have tape on the floor. It's getting real.

  8. Avatar
    Margarita Castaneda says:

    I was hospitalized for two days and I couldn't believe the shut down of even the hospital staff. I live 16 miles out in the country so I don't see what's going on around me in our little country town. It's crazy here iNorthern California.

  9. Avatar
    joe cohen says:

    Alaska prepper, Here are a few things I want to share with your viewers, this is day #4 of us living off of our preps in NYC, I wish we had more of the following, butter, eggs, and drink mixes like powdered ice tea, lemonade etc, we have already run out of fresh veggies except for a head of cauliflower, but i figured they wouldnt last more than a week any way, we ran out of cold cuts, I should have gotten the prepackaged ones they last a few weeks. Another 5 pound bag of flour and 1 more yeast. Hope this helps those that can still get out to find supplies

  10. Avatar
    Ready? OK! says:

    As of last night 106 in Missouri & 3 deaths. We are having the same restrictions but our governor has said he won't do a complete lockdown any time soon. Missouri is one of the few states that is still holding out on lockdown but we are going it ourselves.
    That's cool to meet a member & I'm sure she understands, she wstches the channel lol.
    Be safe & healthy, God bless

  11. Avatar
    Northwoods Cheryl says:

    Wisconsin Gov. Evers has just issued a "closing all non essential businesses" order starting tomorrow. But, everything but grocery stores, pharmacies, feed mills and gas stations have been closed down for awhile. I guess you can still get fast food in drive thrus, but I don't eat that stuff very often.


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