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In this video, I give you a walking tour of my woodland camp and show you the shelters I have built. Most of the shelters were built using an axe, knife and saw.
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  1. Avatar
    martin foy says:

    Hi Dustin , been wondering what happened to the round house project , and now I know 👌 do you lease the woodland or is it gifted use from a good friend 🤔 cheers @ gunslinger1962 👍

  2. Avatar
    mike robinson says:

    good tour of the woodland , great how your dog fetched that stick and jumped into the pond , useful to have a saw-horse ( have you done a video on making that ? ) you've built some good shelters , interested to see how the round house will progress .

  3. Avatar
    Arielle Tjandruwati says:

    Hi Dustin, I noticed that a "tom" has commented below. This "tom" is a spam bot which has been commenting on all our videos. Just thought this is useful information that all creators need to know.
    Arielle. ❤

  4. Avatar
    Woodsmoke says:

    Traditional Norse bark roofing technique from the Museum of Historic Buildings Oslo, was to use peeled birch bark sheets, stacked and overlapped, 4 layers deep. Then cover with earth and a living roof of growing turf, which functions as loft insulation and keeps the birch bark moist so it cracks less badly. The natural birch oils within, preserve this water resistant membrane for several years, before needing to be supplemented by additional layers of birch bark.

  5. Avatar
    Ron Hart says:

    You have a lot of excellent projects, shelters, training area’s for your bushcraft school’s. Love what you, and Mike, and his father has done. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Avatar
    MrLooj69 says:

    I remember when yourself and Mike found the piece of wood that heads the entry point! Lucked out on its shape and length! Great vid bud. See you on the next


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