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I review several of the new for 2014 pieces of gear from 2014 including the OD green Escape Bivvy, the Shelter Kit, Fire Cubes, Heavy Duty OD Green Emergency Blanket, and QuikClot Sponge.

SOL Escape Bivvy Green:
SOL Shelter Kit:
SOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket:
SOL Fire Cubes Kit:
Adventure Medical Quik Clot Sponge

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6 replies
  1. Avatar
    Eric Racz says:

    I was really excited about the new OD green color so I the Escape Bivvy and the Shelter Kit.  I LOVE the bivvy!  Very strong material!  However I do not recommend the Shelter Kit.  It's really just cheep space blanket material.  Hope this helps anyone that might want to try these new OD SOL products.

  2. Avatar
    Muleys Cousin says:

    "The OD green Escape Divvy" : you forgot to mention enough that the MAIN SELLING POINT for that bivvy is that "IT"S BREATHABLE" .
    That really makes a lot of difference.
    Sweating out a blanket inside of another bivvy , or your clothes can really reduce the insulation factor, and in cold weather or cold rain, that's very dangerous.
    So that's WHY it cost so much more, and don't forget to emphasize that" IT'S BREATHABLE".

  3. Avatar
    Matthew Wayer says:

    At Walmart there is a similar emergency bivy that is woodland camp,and is $5 cheaper.
    I bought three.
    One for a ground cloth
    One for the shelter
    One for a rain fly


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