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16 replies
  1. Avatar
    Watchman79 says:

    Noah's event was fact. And YES, there are oceans under the ground. In fact, there is a big river below Israel. AND, Noah didn't have to take EVERY kind of animal, just each SPECIES..AND, a majority of the animals were baby animals, thus less space to use..AND. if the center of the earth is molten, why do we not bake? Hmm, the waters?  Geez. Maranatha….  Hey Syy, are you a closet Believer?
     You seem to have some knowledge on things prophetic!! Bless you brother.

  2. Avatar
    JimmyDuval1775 says:

    I agree, that he was a great prepper, but that wasn't Noah (the character from a biblical stand point). If I see it from that angle it's not that bad of a flick. Thanks, I didn't know about the Black Sea.

  3. Avatar
    Crap 4 Brains says:

    People take this too literally, the story of Noah is about doing what you feel is right and fighting the current, despite ridicule and pressure from what the masses are doing, i think that's pretty obvious.  And hey, I'm not religious, but I still find some of these things interesting, atheists need to be less ignorant and take a chill pill

  4. Avatar
    Amethyst SLV says:

    Ya but Noah had instruction from the ultimate source ie, god (with a small "g"). So its easy to believe instructions when you get them from the supposedly being who created your world. 

  5. Avatar
    ChaldeanCauldron says:

    flyboyvet1119 wrote:  "Noah's event was fact."

    Got proof? And I like how you blanked out the reply button. That's telling in itself. Throw a lie out there and then run away from the truth coming back. Smart! Speaking of a closet believer!

  6. Avatar
    Timothy Spencer says:

    Come on people, don't dislike or hate the video because you don't like what he's saying… basically what he's saying is, its very interesting how historically correct the Bible is…. He's not saying oh you have to believe in God. Keep an open mind about everything!!!

  7. Avatar

    It is amazing how people mock our one true God!  Mercy is dried out, but at what time.  Time earns nothing, and who can understand the Power of Him?  Shame and repentance is due.  You chicken lovers will all worship the devil, keep it up, or turn and see, behold, the miracle of Christ,  you self serving, self boasting, arrogant prisoners.  Bless you Syynergy7!!!

  8. Avatar
    Moonxx says:

    You know what's funny ppl still mock today ppl who prep I belive in being prepared not doing it is foolishness……all the signs are there that tells us just about when he will return weather we die while waiting or weather we live to see his return….. It says many will die in the tribulation there will be remnants of tribes left who will see his return most of the population of the world will be destroyed read the book of rev it tells you what will occur ask the Lord to interpret it since it's written in parables we all need to pre-pare….but above all pre-pare your hearts he will only let those into heaven that know him…..


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