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46 replies
  1. Avatar
    Frugal Fit Mom says:

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for watching this video! I wanted to clarify something that perhaps didn't come across the correct way. When I spoke about the store being busy during the first part of the month because the food stamp cards had been reloaded, it was just an observation of when the store is busy. In my area, our stores are busiest on Saturdays and the beginning of the month. This is not a dig or an insult to anyone who uses these services. I used to be on food stamps myself and have several friends that are on it as well. I think it's a great program to help people get something that we should ALL have, and that's food! I have a lot of compassion for people that struggle to feed their families and that's why I try to create some videos teaching people that they can feed their families with limited resources.

  2. Avatar
    Zaneta Odrowaz says:

    I used to enjoy your videos – but it's due to people like you, who cleaned out the stores even though they had enough at home (as visible from your well stocked pantry, and from your comment 'I could eat for two months out of my house'), that those less privileged like the elderly or those who cannot afford to hoard-buy are now struggling to buy the basics

  3. Avatar
    Britney O says:

    Boycott nestle. While BC an Ontario we’re facing droughts and many residents had no clean water nestle was pumping millions of it from watersheds. Creek beds that were once gushing with water are now bone dry. Their also under Investigation for illegally drawing water from creeks.

  4. Avatar
    Katherine Hunt says:

    The problem is that a lot of households use restaurants or fast food for so many meals. I know a lot of people who basically just have condiments in their fridge. Suddenly these people need to get pretty much everything just for 3 meals a day.

  5. Avatar
    Svetlana Remizov says:

    Fellow Idahoan. It seems like the hysteria and panic started out of nowhere within a day or two. I went to the store on Wednesday to grab spinach and everything was fine. We came back Friday to get groceries for the rest of the month because we heard stores are running short and it was insane…like an apocalypse is coming. We can’t find anything anywhere. No rice no beans no canned food no cleaners no potatoes nothing. My heart goes out to everyone. People that are more prone to the virus and people that didn’t buy into the hysteria and are now finding themselves not having any food to get themselves through even the next few days.

  6. Avatar
    AZ Libra 71 says:

    I live in a small rural town in AZ. Here moms can’t find formula, baby wipes & diapers AT ALL. Please don’t contribute to the shortage on baby wipes! If you are not elderly or have a baby leave the baby wipes alone! I’ve literally seen folks crying in the stores cuz they can’t find essentials to provide for their families/babies! Meat, eggs & milk is scarce too!

  7. Avatar
    genica 83 says:

    Yes, people are nuts, they're like herds of livestock going into a grocery store. I've been ordering what I can online. Other than that I'm just waiting for the madness to go away before stepping foot in a grocery store.

  8. Avatar
    The Toilet Police says:

    If you don't need it don't buy it. Feeding panic doesn't solve anything, nor does doing stuff because others are doing it. I've never witnessed such foolish behavior since November of 83's able archer.

  9. Avatar
    bnix425 says:

    If you don't need it, don't buy it.
    If you don't have a baby, don't buy wipes. I went to Walmart and a women with her baby was trying to buy wipes, they were all gone!! What is she supposed to use a wet washcloth? This is getting ridiculous. If a grown adult with no baby runs out of toilet paper, then YOU use a wet washcloth. Not a fricken baby.

  10. Avatar
    Dagmar Riley says:

    I don’t know about in your area, but where I live in TX in a very rural area that has problems with its water that is not fit for drinking for the very young, elderly or those with compromised immune systems (we actually get cards mailed to us reminding us of this occasionally); we depend on bottled water for drinking and for organ transplant patients eve for cooking. I also need distilled water for my CPAP machine because if I use regular water and it prematurely breaks Medicare will not replace it which is an extreme health concern for me. Why people with good drinking water do it, I really don’t know and the same with toilet paper; can always go back to the old days using old tags and sponges and keep them washed.

  11. Avatar
    Teresa Finnerty says:

    our stores look just like yours and we are in syracuse NY . WE are out of work for 3 weeks with out pay. WE own our business and we were forced to close. I have a pretty stocked pantry too but will miss the fresh stuff.

  12. Avatar
    Dagmar Riley says:

    I do understand some of the panic, but not as severe as it has been. Here in Texas where I am, within 2 hours after the store opens each day the shelves are totally empty. This makes it extremely difficult for the elderly, people like myself that are 100% Disabled and women in the later part of their pregnancy that can no longer stand in lines and we’re unable to get just the basic life necessities and it’s even more difficult when you live out in the boondocks with no store around for miles. Unfortunately, those that hoard food don’t think about this and only think of themselves. If this keeps up, they need to issue ration cards to people so everyone gets an equal chance at food like they did during WWI & WWII, since despite of the limitations that have been set, people go in with the whole family and each individually buys the limit instead of as a household, or they put their groceries in their vehicles and go right back inside the store to get more as I’ve seen it happen. So sad that people have no regard for others. Not meaning all people as I have also seen a few occasions where people actually offered to share what they had bought; those aren’t many though.

  13. Avatar
    pat g smith says:

    Hi my name is Pat Smith I live in Mobile Alabama and yes they are panicking here Walmart Publix Family Dollar General Dollar store was out of tissue toothpaste out of water people fighting over hand sanitizer wow crazy

  14. Avatar
    Dev says:

    me n' my family fear bought, but in fear of the people buying 50lbs of toilet paper, etc. I understand overbuying in case of quarantine, but people emptied my whole state.

  15. Avatar
    Cindy Watts says:

    I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana – our 24 hour grocery stores are now only open certain hours. Gotta go early in order to find anything. Havent seen bread in over a week.

  16. Avatar
    Tary Porter says:

    Omg our shevles look the same as yours. People are going crazy here too. I live Humboldt county California. Stay safe. Lock your doors. Wash your hands and bunker in together and we'll hopefully all get threw this together. Stay safe girl.

  17. Avatar
    vix nirvana says:

    No, it is NOT a smart idea to take baby wipes when the toilet paper is out. Because now there is an issue when I need it for my BABY, they are all gone wiping the asses of adults who freaked out. Don't promote such selfishness!

  18. Avatar
    dougd2000 says:

    OMG, this is one of the most annoying people I have ever seen in my life. I had to quit watching. Besides being totally self-occupied, I mean how much freakin' food does one family need??

  19. Avatar
    Holly Fisher says:

    Wow~Your Smith's was super well stocked…Most of our shelves are cleared-out, here in Arizona, yet they are hiring 1,000 new employees just at Kroger, to help with restocking overnight☺:)
    Seems to be hit or miss with what each store has, or not🤔…
    We were able to find a big package of soft paper towels which works just fine for me🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️!!

  20. Avatar
    Gerry Lawler says:

    Why would you buy the last two bags of rice when you have so much at home? Don’t you realize that some other family may be needing that? Buy only what you need. Stop stockpiling so that some other person doesn’t get any. I have not watched you before and maybe you have like 100 kids. If that were the case, that’d be one thing. But, it upset me to see you and other shoppers take so many staples that you don’t even need. You said you’ve been eating that one container of beans for 5 years. Then why would you buy more??? PLEASE stop this so that others have a chance to eat. I wish you well and want you to be healthy and well fed. But not like this.

  21. Avatar
    Shaylyn Mari says:

    I live in nyc and as I know there are no clarence racks and the dollar trees suck and never have anything there is a dollar general most of the family dollars closed. I have a child that is a picky eater anyone have any suggestions to get her to eat different foods that she might not like so much? Esp with the economy collapsing and the stores will be shut down so time to stock up if your not.

  22. Avatar
    J D says:

    Lol your$tree is not small. The 4 $trees near me does not have that much food. The freezer/fridge section has like 3–5 doors tops. As 4 the grocery store etc, it's a mad house. Only thing that was still stocked was like clothes, TV's toys etc. 95% of food said. Cleaning products was almost gone.

  23. Avatar
    Shaylyn Mari says:

    Yes esp in nyc but the trucks are still coming in as of now so they are sticking them. There are a lot of small stores that have food not a lot of people think about going into but one store I know wants to sell a 36 bottle pack for 40$$$$ that is crazy. When I'm used to buying a 24 pack 2 for 5. I also have a purifier on my sink a pur one which isn't that great but hey better then nothing.

  24. Avatar
    Katy F says:

    “I have rice but I took the last available packs in two stores “👏👏👏 this is why people can’t buy the food they need. But hey as long as your family are ok who cares about the poor and vulnerable in society


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