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    sparxz1000 says:

    There are diffrent types and grades of plastic. The figures quoted here are irrelvent. Softer plastics with loose molocules are mor more likely to "leech" into fluids or foods. Plasticd bottling plants have to batch tests every day.and test bottles for leaching, by heating water(different PHs), the cooling down. Water is removed and tested for plastic deposits in centrefuge. Most plastics a a public health hazzard, and cause cancer and infertility in men. Please do more research. FDA is not help

  2. Avatar
    freedomzimbabwe says:

    Quote "in my opinion using plastic to storage water is not a good idea, the plastic will deteriate after awhile, and it will release toxins in the water. use glass containers or maybe like aluminum. " aluminum dents easily also gives you head aches and you obviously dont camp or hunt much JUKIO01 cos glass wieghs a ton and breaks also water storage in plastic is fine I it gust flavours the water after a while like wine in a wooden barrel

  3. Avatar
    RuralPrepper says:

    Has anyone priced aluminum lately? Its not a very cost effective option. These 16 gallon drums cost $9.

    Does anyone here drink coke from a plastic bottle? How about water from a plastic bottle? But its not ok to use a 16 gallon drum?

  4. Avatar
    sgbofav says:

    To purify, add 4 drops of standard liquid chlorine bleach (5% concentration) per quart of water (or about 1/4 teaspoon per gallon), and double that amount for turbid or colored water. The treated water should be mixed thoroughly and allowed to stand for 30 minutes. The water should have a slight chlorine odor. If it doesn't, repeat the dosage and allow it to stand for an additional 15 minutes. The slight chlorine taste of treated water is additional evidence of safety.

  5. Avatar
    JC Haywire says:

    It's too bad the comments are disabled on your videos. Your stuff is EXCELLENT and informative. It's like having kind of a cross between Ned Flanders and Ross Perot explain how to survive.
    Our scout group is using your videos and find them as entertaining as informative. Keep it up, brother!

  6. Avatar
    Shishkan74 says:

    He said it smelt like, "Industrial Dr. Pepper" meaning that it didn't actually contain soda pop, it had a pesticide or some other kind of chemical in it that just happened to smell like Dr. Pepper.

  7. Avatar
    buckstarchaser says:

    It's very important to note that bleach kills microbes like bacteria and viruses. It does NOT remove poisons, dioxins, etc. If you can't absolutely confirm that it's a food container that contained only food don't drink out of it. Plastic absorbs petrochemicals and should never be deemed safe after it's contained them.

    Also note that chlorine bleach kills ALL living things so don't put too much in water thinking it's better. It's never good for you but diahrea is bad too. 🙂

  8. Avatar
    buckstarchaser says:

    Actually… You're right about that and I should clarify. Chlorine bleach destroys DNA and other important compounds therefore preventing DNA from being replicated effectively. If it's alive, it becomes less alive or dead depending on how many cells it can aford to loose before dieing as an organism. Viruses are technicaly not alive but are reproduced from DNA. So even though your 4-word arguement is technically correct in a vacume… It's irrelevent and therefore wrong in this context.

  9. Avatar
    Whitehorze says:

    You can purchase Various plastic barrels in a number of sizes if you look in the phone book. Finding one that can carry Potable (safe for drinking) water will be marked as such.
    You never want to carry water in a container that has a HazMat sticker on it.
    Not only is it unsafe but mixing certain chemicals with water can actually make them MORE dangerous.
    Use your head and spend your money wisely.

  10. Avatar
    Agent1W says:

    I drank water from a 'water buffalo' and it tasted TERRIBLE. I think it was because of the treatment it was given. It would burn and irritate your throat. Bleugh!!!

  11. Avatar
    jonf1023 says:

    We use those at our remote hunt camp and we also add a few drops of chlorine bleach to keep any bacteria from growing within during long storage. We use it for cooking and drinking but we boil it before consuming it. We also have some 55 gallon ones that we collect rain water in for washing and showering only.

  12. Avatar
    relearnitall says:

    for thoughs of you that dont know,drinking water thats stored in plastic most all plastic leachs toxins n to the water that raises you estrogin levels mainly (estrogin 16) not a good thing for man or woman. this then changes your moods raises your chance of getting cancer, try to use glass.and as for putting plastic in a microwave oven… dont do it the plastic leachs straight into the food. estrogin is also in tap water from the treatment plant from the pill, fluoride also bad!!!!!


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