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  1. Avatar
    Meanie Beavers says:

    When I checked my preps I realized I’m low on protein so I have been working hard to fix it. I have a jar full of different flavored candy canes I got on sale after Christmas, I have managed to stay out of them. Great video.

  2. Avatar
    Lynda Buchholz says:

    Thank you Wanda. I have a good long term storage but I never know if I am short on anything so I love hearing others ideas. The one thing I am short on is a cellar. My pantry is fairly large but when I can there isn't enough room for everything. I am now putting things on my closest shelves and under beds.

  3. Avatar
    lisa norwood says:

    Thx Mrs Wanda. all good ideas.. just like to add that my Lord all always provided.. ive never went hungry.. and at the same time of giving him the glory.. its the common sense he gave us to try and be prepared if any event called for such.. just didnt want to leave the good Lord out.. Thanks again for all the good info.

  4. Avatar
    Nydia Marcial says:

    Great video Wanda. Wanda my pigeon peas canned just right, did canned for 40 minutes just as you suggested to me. I have learned so much from you and Danny. Sending lots of love from your sister in Christ. 💞💞💞

  5. Avatar
    KM says:

    Watched a video last week regarding the big snow storm that hit ( British Columbia I think?- forgot exact location)… anyway it was ridiculously scary how many people did not even have 3 days worth of food in their homes…. People were told to STAY HOME and off of the streets and yet on day 3 people were needing to hit the stores ( like a swarm of locusts) clearing store shelves… Why won’t people who have the means NOT have at least a bit of food on hand… I just don’t understand that mentality????

  6. Avatar
    Sharon Brown says:

    Hey Wanda, I use to oven can my flour, but now I take a coffee filter and put it on the top of the flour and kinda tuck it around the sides of the jar. I then vacuum seal the jars with no damage to my sealer. Just thought I'd share that.

  7. Avatar
    jan Penland says:

    Thanks Wanda. That's a great list for beginning preps. Also consider some non food items such as bleach, rubbing alcohol, lysol, pine sol. soap, TP, disposable gloves etc. Whatever you use on a regular basis have at least 1 package for backups. Much Love

  8. Avatar
    FairieDust MiniStead says:

    Wonderful video today, Ms Wanda!! I've been reevaluating my supplies and while we do have a few gaps, it's not bad. Love my spices!! I would add that being able to make gravy (from scratch or a packet or even from a jar) goes a long way to make that rice taste better. A splash of soy sauce works wonders as well. Much love and blessings!!

  9. Avatar
    Prepsteading With Disabilities says:

    I'm good for up to 3 months. Just an FYI, For those of you who need to store water DO NOT GET THE WATER IN THE MILK TYPE JUGS! THEY ONLY LAST MAYBE 5 MONTHS BEFORE THEY START LEAKING. TAKE A GUESS AS HOW I KNOW, LOL. I get the Ozarka water jugs at the Dollar store they have lasted me over a year now and haven't leaked yet.


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