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    mmmbad says:

    Hi Kory, I really enjoy your videos! On the subject of water hoses to fill your barrels, I understand that a regular water hose has some cancer-causing materials in it. One web site sells what they refer to as a drinking water safe hose. I don't know if I can mention the name of the site on here, so please send me a pm is you're interested.

  2. Avatar
    Kory Mikesell says:

    Just go to Home Depot, Wall Mart, Camping World or any other place that sells "Drinking Water" hoses. They are white with a blue line (you'll never confuse which hose is which).

    They are not terribly expensive and do not promote bacteria growth. A regular hose doesn't cause cancer, it can just become a petri dish!

  3. Avatar
    Kory Mikesell says:

    @disclosurenow9 Great point! I use an RV "food grade" hose and tell all those who buy from me the same….I forgot to mention it on my video…I will have to make an annotation. Thank you for the heads up!


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