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    Jennifer La Fontaine says:


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    The only things I recommend and put my name behind are these

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    I have done tons of research spoken with the doctors that created it The virus/bacteria/fungus and more.. solution prevention The prevention of many VIRUES bacteria and fungi

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    Natural cures and prevention viruses bacteria with Silver not Colloidal silver

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    winston grundy says:

    hello beautiful.yes rice beans peas noodles macaroni r great for storing long term.if u can dehydrate meats smoked fish add sum salt to keep as much bacteria off the food.get seeds.u can grow foods that takes 10 days to mature an r full of vitamins.water purifiers u will need.true story.

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    PoWer to the sHeepLe says:

    I've been busy canning the last few days, girl I do NOT have enough food and been prepping for a year! Getting kinda stressed out about it for sure. Like I can't even imagine not having ANYTHING prepared right now, people are gonna freak

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    Hoodoo Dino says:

    Food grade buckets are available at ALL bakeries for between $1-$1.75
    They wash them in a dishwasher and are available in many shapes and sizes. Be very nice to the bakers as finding the correct lids is THE BIG CHALLENGE. Try to give them some notice so my bread in not popping out of the oven when you arrive. Be kind and patient.

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    Jay Kingston says:

    Your videos are always 100% correct. I've never seen any mistakes or falsehoods. I hope u know that your videos have a calming effect, I'm constantly checking my phone for notifications. Beauty and intelligence is rare, most people are usually one or the other. I feel extremely lucky to have the honour of watching a stunning YouTube presenter who's intelligent, engaging and aesthetically pleasing. Huge fan, Jay from the UK. Stay safe

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    Ben Anglin says:

    If you don’t have a sealer, use oxysorb packets and seal the bags with an iron. There’s only about a 5-10% failure rate doing it this way. I have bags from four years back sealed this way that have held their vacuum

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    thefirst noob says:

    You need oxygen absorber to kill the bugs. You can use hand warmers as oxygen absorber also. If you have the food grade buckets and and do not want to use mylar you can use dry ice. You do not you any dry ice or oxygen absorbers in salt or sugar.

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    Sequora Evans says:

    You are beautiful and such an amazing person. Thank you for helping! I am buying mylar bags and a bucket and have a food saver! I REALLY appreciate all that you do. Thanks so much beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful day as well. 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

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    Lorie Joy says:

    I like to add spices, flavor packets/etc before sealing…that way it makes a more complete meal more versatile. Using lil pouches of dried veggies etc.


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