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    The Survival Outpost says:

    Oh No, We're All Goin Die! But seriously, a viral outbreak is an outstanding opportunity to review your preps, fill in the gaps and be prepared NOT paranoid! Be sure to check out the links below, thanks to my partnership with My Patriot Supply, I have specialized savings on two and four-week emergency food kits. Thanks for the support, cheers!

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    Drained says:

    Its very hard to know how many people are actually infected. First, the numbers we are getting are altered, reduced.
    Second, its impossible to know every how many are infected, even if the numbers where getting are real theres always a lot of unidentified infections.

    More importantly, the numbers will keep growing at this rate. This isnt new but its a great time to reconsider your preps, if youre prepping for a zombie apocalypse, maybe put som facemasks or a Half face respirator in that box.

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    Eco Fash says:

    Love your Patreon! Great content! I have a theory for anyone out there. As far as I have seen, only Asians have died. Could it be, that the bio lab in Wuhan was testing a cure for such genetic bioweapon but the bioweapon got out?? The measure they have taken with quarantines etc is telling at least of something BIG imho. Thoughts?

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    Eco Fash says:

    The flu kills more than that in the US alone EVERY year! Last year I remember my work, Startbucks and every place being closed. Couldn't leave my home or drive as Military and Police were out in full force to ensure I stayed home. Much to a major disruption to the global economy, but just the yearly flu, as every year we go through this routine. My Dr. Is always in a hazmat suit for the seasonal flu….
    No big deal. 🤧

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    w. Reid says:

    Unless your willing to isolate yourself from anyone else there are very few things you can do to mitigate it.
    1. Avoid crowds.
    2. Do not touch your face until you have washed your hands.
    3. Wash your damn hands and your phone.
    Other then that there not much else you can do. Anything else is fear mongering.

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    w. Reid says:

    Unless you have a lot of money…Then you really have no way of creating a oxygen scrubbing system that is needed to filter out contagions on the micron level. If the virus is not airborne, and nothing has been reported that it is then your only option is to avoid contact with anyone that is not infected period. Everything else is just conjecture and fear mongering. Our CDC has no reason at this point to lie to us. The Chinese are knee deep on containing it. This virus does not, I repeat does not have the mortality rate of a some of the most deadly viruses. The flu kills far more people then on average then this virus ever has.

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    N.W. Jonkhart says:

    Masks only work if everybody wears one so they can't cough on you. The only thing you can do until it is mandatory is wash your hands a lot and avoid tourist attractions. By the time it reaches the west in numbers it is resistant to alcohol and bleach. Here the repatriated are kept at home for two to three weeks. But in every infection is the ten percent that doesn't get sick but due carry the sickness. It is classified by our government as a class A infection which means it can revoke the human rights to a certain proportional extend. The repatriated that live in dorms are kept in a military installation until they are through the incubation period. But this whole situation reminds me of the film with Lindsay Wagner called Contagious. Be safe and thanks for the update.


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