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27 replies
  1. Avatar
    Paul Erickson says:

    I'm curious how you prep for the truck. I'm otr.. I keep about 2 weeks mountain house plus my usual snacks. A large ghb. Plus an extra bag from when mt wife rode with me. Since she passed, I kept it to maybe help someone else get home…

  2. Avatar
    Purple Yeti says:

    That was too cute when you showed your husband and he smiled. You guys are so sweet together. ☺️ As for the jerk…I am glad that you blocked him, his negativity was unwarranted and helped no one. I've seen the cotton ball idea, both before and after yours, and I just take it as I would in school…you hear things more than once to reinforce the important lessons. I learn so much from you and it makes a huge difference to me that you are actually doing it… walking the walk. The very best teachers are the ones who have actual hands on experience. I'm very grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you! 😊

  3. Avatar
    3_ hustles says:

    I truly appreciate all the info and ideas you share. Along with showing and sharing a well balanced life and love of your marriage. Thank you Lori💖 safe drive!

  4. Avatar
    gadgetkat says:

    I'm a pretty new sub of yours, a few months or so, I am so very thankful that you share all this great information and are so faithful in doing so. I have seen other channels that have been on for ten years or more, but have since stopped making videos the last few years, so to see that you have been doing this for like the past seven years or more, I'm so grateful that you are still doing these videos. THANK YOU SO MUCH & GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  5. Avatar
    nomifyle says:

    love the video and the information. Cudos for your efforts. I appreciated the tip on the cotton balls, I'd heard it before, but the reminder is always good.

  6. Avatar

    This doesn't pertain to this video per se but I just wanted to tell you that I did the cotton ball firestarters with my grandaughters (ages 8 & 11). They loved it.

    We also made a rocket stove out of a number 10 can & the fuel was a tuna fish can with a brillo pad, wick & lantern fuel. Such fun & it teaches them to get creative & prepare. 🙂

  7. Avatar
    J T says:

    Hi Lori! I'm from upstate NY, outside Albany. 😀.
    I was recently thinking about adding baking powder to some older pancake mix. How much is a little bit?

    You're not stealing ideas, you're passing information on. That's been done going back to Adam! Block the rude, argumentative boneheads. 😳

    Love your chats. Have a safe and stress free trip. 🌻🌿💚

  8. Avatar
    Pam Coley says:

    Aloha, Lori I love your videos. When I hear you defend yourself I can feel that your feelings have been hurt. Don't listen to these men's comments that hurt you. The wheel was already invented many many moons ago by our great father in heaven Jesus. We all just add to the wheel that he created for us to add. Your a precious lady with a nice husband and you live a good life and want to help people don't get offended by people. The world is really divided in our opinions. Everyone is speaking from there hearts that are not by any means pure!. We love and enjoy all you do for us who enjoy your videos, others can just keep moving on to another video of someone else's if they don't like yours. You give good advice and you practice what you teach and many of us love your videos. People live how they want to live and store what they want to store or not. The ones who are not preparing for the end times are going to be hurt by the crisis that are coming on the earth. So just keep teaching and preparing and enjoying your life, give the rest to God. Aloha Pam

  9. Avatar
    Living With Wolves says:

    Having a well stocked extended pantry makes good sense, even if only from an economic standpoint. But there is so much more to it. Whether your emergency is the result of a catastrophic weather event, job loss, rising food prices, etc., being in a position of feeling helpless has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Feeling helpless can quickly spiral into hopelessness. Having the ability to actually do something about your circumstances, and normalize things, overcomes those feelings. When you can put real food on your table, all the while giving your family a sense of calm, it is very empowering. Pay no attention to keyboard warriors. I appreciate all you do to provide useful information.

  10. Avatar
    Blithe Spirit says:

    Our little town, New Milford PA (895 pop) has been out of water for 1 wk now due to a large fire which used our entire tank of water at the reservoir. Now there is a leak which drained the tank again. My dtr doesn't think I'm so crazy anymore, since I had 15 gal of water, wet wipes, paper plates, cups & bowls & napkins, ppr towels in my preps. They have the Red Cross at the school for showers & water tanks in town to get drinking water & even porta potties. I can't use the showers because I'm handicapped. So have to do sponge baths. I'm at the NY/PA border near Binghamton NY. Where were you when you were coming from upstate NY to PA? Just wondering if you were close to us. Anyway I think your videos are the best I've seen, you always give great info & details of how & what to do. learned so much from you. Wish you were my neighbor! I always watch your vids & think the 8 wks of $10. are great. I've been checking my preps to make certain I have everything you suggest. Stay safe & God bless. Barb


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