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Today on the Bear Independent show, Bear is in the Prepper Classroom teaching on Mission Planning for SHTF. NOTE: This content is not intended for children …
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  1. Avatar
    Richard White says:

    Did you check the bearings in those generator trailer's brother? That should be a must on the list brother! Lol! Grease those bearings good Brother Bear! Rock Drills are a must as well! Gotta know where you're going!

  2. Avatar
    j johns says:

    been on a mission with this group(signed up for a second at the end of the month), good people, good times, a fantastic opportunity to fill your cup(heart) and help people. IF you can go, go. If you can't go, contribute, If you can't contribute, pray.

  3. Avatar
    Doug Buker says:

    Thank you T., one of your most beautiful and succinct classroom presentations. All I can say is…"great goodly moogly brother.
    Soon, my brother and I will be available to assist on an upcoming mission. I will provide later our mission assets when needed.
    This class presentation I will pass along to my homies bro. Outstanding sir. Shalom brother, my continued support on Patreon.
    Stay Safe, Bee Well Bear People.

  4. Avatar
    Justice Mulisha says:

    I went to help in Katrina. Long story but Faith on Wheels racing team was my sponsor. I went by myself (and borrowed a .38 from a friend) but they furnished the minivan and a great deal of money to fill it with essentials. Long story short, coming from Georgia I went through Mississippi first and didn't even make it to Louisiana. Pass Christian was as far as I could go before the Father told me to go towards the coast. From that area I was able to help many with essentials… everything but food. Got hugs and dealt with thugs but I absolutely knew the Father had me. I made it as far as the Wolf River. Now I would have my own gun/guns and would take some long term storable food. What a life experience.👍


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