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Today on the Bear Independent show, Bear is in the Prepper Classroom pontificating on pandemic. NOTE: This content is not intended for children under the …
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50 replies
  1. Avatar
    ChasingLife says:

    Oh Bear, you don’t need any coffee, you’ve already got ALL THE COFFEE.
    The water advice… Huge. Water is my biggest concern at the moment. There are so many things to consider and so many things that can go wrong. Water is necessary for Everything that we do. The one gallon pp/pd is a gross underestimation.
    Thanks for this video brother.
    Btw… I’m realizing that you might have been referring to needing coffee now, not stocking coffee lol. Shalom

  2. Avatar
    Cherie says:

    LOL Thanks for the Humor in this video! ROFL. "We are going to find out just how much you like your Family" Appreciate the list to help us fill the holes in our preps. Most do NOT realize how EXHAUSTING Pneumonia and even just this Virus will be. Not tired, nearly motionless. Triage is SO VITAL if this gets really bad. My middle daughter is SALLY. Love it.

  3. Avatar
    Doug Buker says:

    Wow, I am having a reality check. I have been on my wife saying…we got to do more. After seeing this
    I am truly blessed as to how much of the other stuff aka non foods I have acquired from working around
    homes for the last 28 years. Man do I have some stuff. Great video Bear, still acquiring the food stuff.

    Thank you for keeping the importance of being prepared on the forefront. My wife actually stared to

    love you about a month ago…heck she watched your videos so now, game on. As a side bar if u were
    stuck for months on end in your tropical paradise, my gosh please don't just Bare it all. Good Day.
    Stay Safe, Bee Well, Bear People.

  4. Avatar
    scot pict says:

    i have two fire extinguishers, plus they are up to date on their yearly inspection. i also have two water only fire extinguishers. one pump al la forest fire fighting and one pump up pressurized tank.

  5. Avatar
    scot pict says:

    just for information purposes, if i was to end up with a stryker at some point in a shtf scenario would i be able to keep it? i wonder what storage rate i could charge? kinda a big vehicle. times 500 bucks a day maybe? divided by 1.42 million minus depreciation i'd need to hold that vehicle for…………..:)

  6. Avatar
    Fred Smith says:

    Highly unlikely Corona will be a big issue in the US…but – also important to understand that China is most certainly not telling the truth, either. Here are the real tangible take aways to be learned from this;
    1 – New dangerous disease outbreak occurs in China
    2- Disease spreads around the world in a matter of a few weeks
    3 – With only a handful of cases in the US, surgical masks become nearly extinct in retail locations and online

    If this does spread in the US (however unlikely) you can expect a lot of other products will soon become impossible to obtain. This Corona outbreak, as tragic as it may be for many, is the perfect ‘lamp of truth’ for the reasons behind prepping!!!

  7. Avatar
    j johns says:

    POF! POF! someone pee on me.

    my dilemma, I've finally run out of a places to put stuff and I don't have enough coffee.

    I don't carry tP, just do a butt drag.

    Entertainment – there will be truck fuel and horseshoe tournaments

  8. Avatar
    happygardener28 says:

    At the moment (10 PM ST on February 6, 2020) the recovery rate is 2/3 with the majority of deaths in rural areas which have poor health care. Common sense sanitation…. healthy foods and healthy water.

  9. Avatar
    Lorif larson says:

    Hi Bear! You didn't mention eating foods that have high antiviral qualities such as elderberry, oil of oregano, etc… to build up your immune system. That's ok, I just did it for you!

  10. Avatar
    Leigh Calmes says:

    Prevention is worth a pound of cure! I take Apple Vinegar and garlic every day to strengthen my immune system. It’s good to stock up p. Those tho gs too. Elderberry is also good.

  11. Avatar
    Rich says:

    My feelings are that if one is prepped for the basics then one is basically prepped ( differently for some thing as this pandemic) god to see you covered it this month though. Timely.

  12. Avatar
    Zachary Church says:

    Bear – a woman I know uses a product called the “diva cup” for their feminine needs. It’s sanitary and reusable. I don’t know the details of how it works obviously but it’s made of rubber. Could be a good prep to put back if you’re a woman. I’m also told it is more sanitary and carries less risk of shock or infection than organic materials**

  13. Avatar
    B Johnson says:

    My wife told me about watching the original Outbreak movie while on a class trip. The science teacher started coughing (on purpose) during the movie and people got up and left. Hilarious.

  14. Avatar
    Griffin Brown says:

    Prepare your bodies. Flood your system with liposomal vitamin c, as well as vitamin d3. The 100% daily value is the MINIMUM one needs to survive. Do your research, and flood your system within healthy levels.
    Also, vitamin b6 has been shown to down regulate "cytokine storms", which basically is the mechanism the virus uses to force your lungs to secrete extra mucus that victims drown in.

  15. Avatar
    kim warburton says:

    Love u bear
    Love ur delivery
    Only 1 thing id add
    Another prevention b4 cure thing
    Quit processed food sugar n addictions. All suppress the immune system. Eat all the kitchen herbs n spices as they have health n immune supporting benefits


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