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24 replies
  1. Avatar
    throbgod13 says:

    the problem with surplus jerry cans are that more and more states are going to CARB specifications, and you cannot get non-CARB surplus jerry cans shipped into the CARB state.. and there are problems with most CARB cans and the plastic that some of the cans are made from..

  2. Avatar
    J0Boa says:

    gas doesn't not freeze that easy!
    p.s if you gonna use plastic cans make sure they are covered well from sunlight since the polypropilene deteriorates from UV rays.

  3. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    Some idjit posted "Just buy a new f'in can." Course I removed the comment. What this rocket scientist failed to realize is WHY you protect the can. It's not so you don't have to buy a new can. It's because these military cans are much more durable than commercial cans- a point I made very clear in the video. I've run these over with a bulldozer (accident) and the one still holds fuel. The undercoating gives a rust protection and allows you to CACHE these cans easily along routes. SR

  4. Avatar
    richard m says:

    Octane Booster helps if water has gotten in your fuel. I had someone pour water in my ATV gas tank (ex-wife). I drained most of the gas,added octane boost and more gas and it started right up.

  5. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    @yogiudo I've had small grass fires burn around these types of containers. I've run over one with a bulldozer and it still holds fuel. Carry a plastic container full of gas around the backseat of your car for a while and you decide.

  6. Avatar
    yogiudo says:

    okay, so they're much more durable. Gotcha. I just haven't been driving over many gas containers with my Kaboda lately. Generally we just leave them in the garage, on the shelf.

    I'll consider getting some steel gas cans.

  7. Avatar
    Buick Mackane says:

    I now have 60 gallons in 5 gallon plastic jugs stored in the back shed, and I treated them all with Stabil fuel stabilizer. Keep your gasoline stores in a shady place, well away from your house.

  8. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    @YoungScienceGuy Most people aren't going to store enough gas to drive a NORMAL YEARS WORTH. In a disaster, other than getting to your destination- aka bugging out- fuel use will be drastically reduced from current consumption levels. Most people store with this in mind, not driving 10,000 miles a year in the P.A.W.

  9. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    @YoungScienceGuy Without a doubt a larger tank is the way to go for big quantities. The reason we focused on smaller cans in the video was that most survivalists I've met- all BS aside thousands over the last 24 years- live in the suburbs. Fire regulations, BS zoning laws and just Suzy Mom next door seeing it being installed preclude most of those folks from dropping a 500 gallon tank in the side yard. Also, people in that situation- suburbs will need to bug out, hence the cans. Thanks!

  10. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    @YoungScienceGuy Roger that. I know what you mean. Consider though what your real fuel needs will be in the P.A.W.

    Fuel to drive around- probably very little 10-20 gallons a year? Will your car even work? EMP.

    Chainsaws- 5 gallons a year would put up more than enough wood in the warmer climates of the country. We use less than 5 per year for cutting and a gas operated spliter.

    Mowing- yes you'll have to mow a little bit- 5 gallons.

    See what I mean?

  11. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    @YoungScienceGuy The crisis relocation plan was the ba$tard child of what happened when we abandoned civil defense. It would have been a nightmare to implement, thankfully we never had to experience it. Current doctrine is again to "absorb" the first strike!!! Klinton started that mess, Hussein Obama followed it.

  12. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    @Begbucks 90% or more of the average viewers aren't in a place where they can drop a 500 gallon tank in the ground. Most folks out there are city/suburban dwellers that can't do that for zoning and safety reasons. Also, the cities won't be a good area to be in anyways.

    Every time fuel storage comes up on message boards, etc. "space" is always an issue- hence the 5 gallon jerry cans. No one is saying you should only store 5 gal.

    The principles shown in the vid work for larger qty as well.

  13. Avatar
    SurvivalReport says:

    @MurderByFluoride Treated once I get at least 2 years out of gas put up with PRI G in metal cans like this. I don't use plastic for storage of fuel. PRI is available at JRHEnterprises DOTCOM


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