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15 replies
  1. Avatar
    zacklyne arteaga says:

    Horrible flooding. Can't even imagine as i sit watching my grandkids playing fortnite. My family is so unaware even though I talk to them. So moving along, I went to a local seed bank in my area to purchase a variety of seeds. I also have stocked up on my preps; meanwhile the estimate is to pay 60 cents more for anything because of the floods. I don't know how true that is. The news announced a recall on a brand of avacados, another announced kale, spinache and strawberries. I'm sick of it. Going to plant my vegies soon. God Bless.

  2. Avatar
    ALPHA JACK says:

    Lori, thank you for spreading the word ! Great video once again, and please guys be safe out there Ok. God bless those folks out there that have been devastated by all the flooding, and great advise again to keep prepping and watchful. Thanks guys !

  3. Avatar
    michele salazar says:

    It's great that you travel with the hubs and get to see our wonderful country, even tho  it has flooding right now. My husband heard even the silos that are full of grain are no good because of the water grain will mildew. We who live in Arizona and New Mexico have no idea what farmers go through with weather changes and much more, how much we rely on them. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed. Today I bought frozen peas from Costco and canned them, tomorrow corned beef.

  4. Avatar
    TennesseeGirl says:

    Food prices are going to be outrageous, we must grow and purchase our food now before the shortage begins. Yes, Lori that is why we prep, thank you sweetie for sharing, you and hubby stay safe out there, blessings

  5. Avatar
    Jenn Wohl says:

    Thanks for sharing your travels. I'm in Western Nebraska and we are still dealing with flooding and melting snow. 10 days after the blizzard and still dealing with it.

  6. Avatar
    Purple Yeti says:

    I have dealt with a few floods, only driving, not with my home thankfully. I used to live in Ohio where five rivers met. Always tricky to find places to live…high enough to avoid being flooded and low enough for the tornadoes to miss you. It's disheartening to see the devastation, I didn't realize it was that bad still. Thank you for sharing and hope your trip goes smoothly! 😊

  7. Avatar
    SmellyCat says:

    I've got 3 years worth of pints of canned beef, pork and chicken. I'll probably can more. The basement is getting full! Couscous, dry potatoes, rice, lentils, dehydrated mixed veg, flour, cornmeal, lard, sugar, honey, salt. I grow a garden every season too.


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