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    Pennsylvania Prepper says:

    I wasn't so worried about potatoes, we don't eat many, and they're easily grown.

    Now, I usually find ham at Thanksgiving for 99¢ a pound , but I only found it for $1.99.

    As for sugar, unless the bag says pure cane sugar, chances are that sugar is from beets. I think we'd have to have a shortage on both to worry about it. I did however, just find Domino pure cane sugar for 99¢ for a 4 lb bag. Limit 9. (Per transaction, so…. No limit, really) I'm even more stocked up on sugar than I was before, especially since I use erythritol.

    I am going to buy more wheat berries and a grinder soon.

    Thanks for keeping the community calm!

  2. Avatar
    Lolli & Pop's Escape says:

    Great content. I just don't understand how so many forget that weather is a variable thing, it's always changing from season to season and there are cycles that effect heat/cold and rainfall rates for years which will always effect harvest. This is a natural, normal thing that is not and cannot be controlled by people. By the way, I asked about your gong and I have to admit that I was hoping for a grand story about something like a hiking trip through Tibet, lol no such luck. I am so happy that you will be adding your content to Jar it up January. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  3. Avatar
    kratz57x says:

    You're right, external factors always affect crop yields of household gardens AND corporate farms. The only difference is corporate farms have subsidies and crop insurance. Many of these "crisis" articles are a foot in the door to be first in line for $$$. I'm usually a little wary of news items starting with "according to a recent study", as each and every "study" is funded by someone with an agenda. All that said, I better check on hops, barley and malt futures, and make sure I've frost protected my biscuit bushes! 😳

  4. Avatar
    Tracy Urquhart says:

    In any case you need to do what's best for your family. I'm in Ontario Canada and our sugar and flour costs are higher than last month. A 2 pound bag of sugar is 4.99 and 22 pound bag of AP flour is 18.99. at the end of the day do what's best for you. If it's grabbing an extra bag of sugar and flour then do it. The world has enough stress just do what's best for you and your family

  5. Avatar
    Sirena Spades says:

    We had no problem producing potatoes in Maine this year, it's our big crop here! I always wondered why Idaho was famous for potatoes when it's such a big thing here -haha – I suppose they have to have something! The high schools even break in September so the kids can help bringing in the crop. Dramatic news sells! Oh, and we have plenty of lobsters here, too 😀 lol after all, Maine is the biggest state for lobster. We harvest it in winter (hard shells in winter, shedders/breeding in summer) By the way, everyone, please visit us here in Maine on your vacations, we would love to have you, not just in the summer. We have gorgeous northern lights/aurora borealis in the winter!

  6. Avatar
    old school prepper says:

    thanks for the unbiased information. I also agree with you, no years are 100% great…certainly better and worse years…for me, last year was bumper garlic year, but tomatoes meh….not so much. As you say " weather has effected us for a long time". What i have noticed are grocery store prices rising for fresh produce in the 'regular' chain stores….but when I shop at my local Mexican owned grocery store (called Mega Foods in Oregon)…the prices are HALF of what they are in the chain stores…even meat is cheaper…but very good quality. I talk with the produce manager, butcher, bakers etc. all super nice folks, so i'm glad the higher chain prices causing me to seek out this better alternative.

  7. Avatar
    flor de sakura says:

    I like your channel, but I would suggest you study more about the consequences of a Grand Solar minimum, which has not happened in centuries. There is no man made climate change. And the earth is cooling. See also how many volcanos are erupting. The globalist want to reduce the population to gain more control over us. You are old so you have already lived your live, some of us younger will suffer and that is a fact. 2020 will be a year where many things will likely happen.


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